About the Event

The aim of this workshop is to present and discuss the science that could be conducted at the Coherent Diffractive Imaging beamline CATERETÊ, one of the first beamlines to be operational in 2019 in the under construction 4th generation synchrotron SIRIUS.

This workshop will feature presentations by international experts on coherent X-ray imaging and small angle X-ray scattering techniques, but also by scientists in Brazil who use nano X-ray beams in their research. We aim to have discussions on the current design of the CATERETÊ beamline, the imaging opportunities and the needs of the community in order to guide the ongoing design process towards a powerful, flexible and user-oriented end station.

The workshop will consist of plenary talks, science talks, discussions and writing during round tables sessions, in the following areas:

Structural biology and Life Science, Chemistry, Catalysis and Soft Condensed Matter, Novel Coherent Imaging and Scattering Techniques.

At this workshop, experts that are already today using these techniques on relevant systems, will present examples on what information is possible to achieve.

A visit to SIRIUS construction site will be organized with a bus leaving the event venue until the very construction site.