Registration is mandatory for participation in the IBSB Series Workshops. Please check the event page for important dates or access the registration link.


The Workshop is free of charge.

Selection criteria

To allow interaction among participants, the III IBSB will be limited to an audience of up to 200 attendees. Registrants must be involved with Biotechnology (including, for example, enzymology, structural biology, microbiology, bioprocess, and omics) and will be selected according to the order of their registration and proximity of their area of expertise to the scope of the event. All selected participants will be communicated via e-mail.

Organizing Committee III IBSB

Mário Murakami (CNPEM)
Gabriela Persinoti (CNPEM)
Mariana Morais (CNPEM)
Letícia Zanphorlin (CNPEM)

Further information

Workshop contact: Erik N. Medina (

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