Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Time Title Speaker
09h30 Introduction Sirius 4th generation synchrotron source Harry Westfahl Jr (LNLS)
10h00 Status of the Cateretê beamline Florian Meneau (LNLS)
10h30 Imaging biological cells using x-ray nano-diffraction Sarah Köster (GAUG)
11h15 Coffee Break  
11h45 3D studies of mitochondrial cristae nanostructure using x-ray imaging. Ayumi Miyakawa (USP)
12h30 Lunch  
14h00 3D imaging of biological systems using coherent X-ray diffraction: perspectives at Cateretê beamline Carla Polo (LNLS)
14h30 Oral Contributions  
15h30 Invited Speaker – To be announced  
16h15 Poster Session – Visit to SIRIUS – Cateretê Beamline  

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Time Title Speaker
09h00 To be announced Oleg Shpyrko (UCSD)
09h45 Oral Contributions  
10h45 Coffee Break  
11:30 CDI reconstruction at Sirius: Algorithms vs. HPC Eduardo Miqueles (LNLS)
12h00 Image Segmentation at Sirius: A Machine Learning Approach Thiago Spina Pereira (LNLS)
13h00 Lunch  
14h30 Invited Speaker – To be announced  
15h15 Coherent X-ray Diffraction Imaging Unravelling Structure-Activity Relationships of Gold Catalysts Amélie Rochet (LNLS)
15h45 XPCS Opportunities at the Cateretê Beamline Aline Passos (LNLS)
  Concluding remarks  
16h30 Coffee Break