Invited Speakers

Dr. Gustavo Garcia-Macias – European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Lecture: Double imaging coincidences techniques for product determination in gas phase complex mixtures


Dr. Paulo Artaxo – University of São Paulo

Lecture: Environmental impacts of aerosols in the Amazon: from biogenic emissions, fires to urban pollution


Dr. Ricardo Godoi – Federal University of Paraná

Lecture: Integrated analysis of air pollution in central West Antarctica


Dr. Felipe Klein Ricachenevsky – Federal University of Santa Maria

Lecture: Ionomics and the applications of MAGIC: multi-element approaches to understand metal homeostasis in plants


Dr. Dave McNear – University of Kentucky

Lecture: to be confirmed


Dr. Chithra Karunakaran – Canadian Light Source

Lecture: to be confirmed


Dr. Itamar Soares de Melo – Embrapa Meio Ambiente

Lecture: Role of extremophile rhizobacteria in plant protection against water stress