The organizing committee of ENZITEC decided to postpone the Congress to provide a safe environment for attendees and the people involved in the organization.

Given the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, that was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, and the travel restrictions imposed on countries, ENZITEC will be rescheduled. By doing so we will be able to ensure a secure environment for everyone

The Organizing Committee is working on a new format. Please check ENZITEC website regularly to stay up to date.


  • All applicants must fill the registration form. Registrations are temporarily suspended.

ENZITEC Young Researcher Award

  • See details of the EYR Awards here.

Abstract submission guidelines

  • Participants that would like to present a poster will be asked to fulfill fields in the registration form (temporarily suspended).
  • The deadline for Abstract submission for poster presentation has changed and will be disclosed soon.
  • Presenters will also be asked to attach their abstracts following exactly this template.
  • Only one (1) abstract per applicant (presenting author) can be submitted. The presenting author, nonetheless, can be listed as a co-author in other works.
  • The registered abstract will be analyzed by the Scientific Committee of ENZITEC and the participants will be informed of their results by e-mail.
  • The Scientific Committee analysis will cover the following aspects: appropriate content, clear explanation of the importance of the study, clear presentation of the main findings, relevant conclusion, and match of the abstract with the ENZITEC guidelines available in this template.

Poster session guidelines

  • Posters must be written in English and the content must be related to the submitted abstract.
  • Design posters as portrait (90 cm width × 120 cm height). Formatting of the work as well as the sources, title and texts are the responsibility of the author.
  • The Poster must be accompanied by a cord for fixing and / or adhesive tape.

Students will participate with poster sessions and oral presentations focused on the following topics:

  • Enzyme Prospection, Production, Purification and Immobilization
  • Structural and Molecular Biology
  • Applied Enzymology (bioenergy, health, environmental and industrial)
  • Microbial Platforms (microbial prospection and metabolic engineering)

Poster Prize

There will be two categories of Awards at ENZITEC: the Poster Prize and the ENZITEC Young Researcher Award (details here). Participants that would like to compete for the Poster Prize must select the corresponding option in the Registration Form. Participants whose work is selected for oral presentation during the ENZITEC Young Researcher Award session will be automatically excluded to the Poster Prize.

The winners on the Poster Prize category will be recognized with R$ 500.00, a plaque and a certificate.

The organizing committee will select the candidates for the Poster Prize following these criteria:

  • novelty and innovation of presented research
  • the potential impact of the results on the research field
  • possible economic and societal impact
  • poster layout and presentation

The organizing committee will recognize 4 posters, one representing each category (described above).

Payment fees and deadlines (SUBJECT TO CHANGES)



Until June 10th 2020

June 11th to July 10th 2020 (important date interval, see below)

July 11th to August 10th 2020

Undergraduate students

 R$              200,00

 R$                         250,00

 R$                           300,00

Master and Doctorate students

 R$              400,00

 R$                         500,00

 R$                           600,00


 R$              700,00

 R$                         800,00

 R$                           900,00


 R$           1.000,00

 R$                      1.100,00

 R$                        1.200,00


 R$           1.300,00

 R$                      1.300,00

 R$                        1.300,00


Important note: accepted applicants for poster presentation must pay their registration until July 10th. Accepted participants who submit their payments after this period will not be eligible to have their poster hanged, nor will they be part of the Abstract Book.


If your company wants to be part of ENZITEC, the best way is to acquire a Sponsorship Quota. Access the Sponsorship Proposal and contact us for more information or to schedule a call!

Further information

  • The Workshop official language is English.
  • Participants should pay for their lunch and accommodation.
  • Workshop contact: