Oral Presentations

  • Presentations will be live with 20 minutes in length

Include around 3-5 minutes for questions. Check the Agenda for the timetable for oral presentations.

Selected for Oral Presentation

Presenter Title
Estefanía Baigorria Hybrid nanocomposites materials of biopolymeric matrix for carbendazim removal from water
Eugenio Hernan Otal Metal organic frameworks-based sensors for fluoride quantification in drinking water
Gustavo Alves Puiatti Degradation of the Dicamba Herbicide Using Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron Obtained by a Green Synthesis Method
Laíse Moura Furtado Sugarcane bagasse/polydopamine/carboxymethyl cellulose adsorbents for the removal of bisphenol a and Pb(II) from wastewater

Poster Presentation

Flash Talks

  • Give a live overview of your poster in up to 2 minutes.

It is a great oportunity to pitch about your poster and convey excitement for your research.

  • Use one slide to support your speech

Use the slide template provided here: download template here

Follow the guides to fill the template: add the authors, title and research content.

Please, send the poster slide to eventos@cnpem.br until June 18, 2021. Local committee will compile all posters into one presentation and have them ready for the Flash Talks.

Presentations will be organized from A-Z. You will be asked to turn on your microphone and camera, introduce yourself and give a summary of your research in up to 2 minutes.

Breakout Rooms

  • Presenters will be redirect to an individual Breakout Room to expose the poster research.

Atendees will navigate and visit rooms to ask questions and further explanations on posters. Breakout rooms will be named by presenter and available for 30 minutes.

Selected for Poster Presentation

Presenter Title
Anwar  Ullah Purification of wastewater using a natural flocculants coupled to nanoparticle
Dagwin Wachholz Junior A copper-based metal-organic framework-reduced graphene oxide modified electrode for electrochemical detection and removal of pesticides
Daniela Riego Monitoring of copper phytofiltration performance by x-ray analytical techniques
Guillermo Arturo Muñoz Medina Comparative study of magnetic nanoparticles with potential applications in environmental remediation.
Juliana T. T. Carvalho Magnetic bionanocomposite from sugarcane bagasse and iron oxide: synthesis, characterization and its application in water remediation
Lailla Daianna Soltau Missio Pinheiro Phytotoxicity evaluation of silver nanoparticles in Lactuca sativa var. crisp
Michael Nazarkovsky Unsupervised and supervised machine learning approaches in wells water analysis. The case of Alberta (Canada)
Nicolas Huertas-Cerro Methodology for soil moisture evaluation from satellite data: application to Tunjuelo River Watershed, Colombia.