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Structural Biology has been chosen as the theme for the Latin American summit.  Under the auspices of UNESCO and the IUCr, the summit meeting intends to provide a forum for stimulating the application of crystallography to complex biological phenomena.  The meeting will consist of a series of scientific presentations by invited scientists from the region and will serve as a showcase for the progress which has been made in protein crystallography and related subjects over the course of the last 25 years. The relatively small number of participants (around 100) should guarantee a friendly environment conducive to discussing the scientific future of the region and specifically the contribution that crystallography can make to that future.  It is hoped to have representatives from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico amongst others.  The importance of creating greater integration with the wider scientific community will be emphasized by the participation of world-class Latin American scientists who have had successful careers outside of the region as well as by the opening lecture to be given by Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath.

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Scope and objectives

2014 has been designated the International Year of Crystallography (IYCr2014) under the auspices of UNESCO and the International Union of Crystallography.  The major objectives of the IYCr2014 are:

  • To increase public awareness of the science of crystallography and how it underpins most technological developments in our modern society;
  • To inspire young people through public exhibitions, conferences and hands-on demonstrations in schools;
  • To illustrate the universality of science;
  • To intensify the programme Crystallography in Africa and create similar programmes in Asia and Latin America;
  • To foster international collaboration between scientists worldwide, especially North–South cooperation;
  • To promote education and research in crystallography and its links to other sciences;
  • To involve the large synchrotron and neutron radiation facilities worldwide in the celebrations of IYCr2014, including the SESAME project set up under UNESCO auspices.

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