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General Information

  • The lectures are going to be held in the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory Auditorium;
  • Lunches will be offered at CNPEM´s restaurant;
  • The meeting official language is English;
  • The participation certificates  are going to be sent by email until 20th October;
  • Questions regarding the event can be addressed to:



Get directions by clicking here.

  • CNPEM – Brazilian National Center of Research in Energy and Materials – Rua Giuseppe Máximo Scolfaro, 10000, Pólo II de Alta Tecnologia de Campinas, Campinas – SP – Brazil – Phone: +55 19 3512-1010



  • The organizing committee would like to inform for whom have requested financial support for travel and/or lodging: your support request was applied to the funding Brazilian agencies. We will contact you as soon as we receive the answer, probably in mid-August.



  • Visa requirements

Passport holders from Western Europe countries as well from South America (Mercosur Community) will not need a visa to enter Brazil. For some nationalities a visa must be applied for before arrival at the brazilian embassy or consulate. Useful information is also available here.

The Conference Secretary can aid you with this information and provide qualified delegates with letters confirming their intent to attend the Summit.

  • International airports

Foreign participants will arrive at São Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), located less than 200 km from Campinas city.

+55 11 2445 2945 (Central Information of the Airport)

The Brazilian participants will arrive at São Paulo Viracopos International Airport, located less than 40 km from State University of Campinas, Unicamp. The telephone for information is +55 19 3725 5000.

In due time, the accepted applicants will be contacted with further information on the procedures to buy or to receive their tickets.

If you are coming from Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) to reach Campinas, you should take the Shuttle bus to the Campinas Bus Station (Rodoviária de Campinas). The trip takes around 2 hours and can be made by the company Viação Caprioli, Lira Bus, from Guarulhos International Airport to Campinas City.

At Campinas, you will need to take a bus (or taxi) to the State University of Campinas, Unicamp.

  • Exchange money

Use an electronic cash machine (ATM): there are many at the airport like Santander, Banco do Brasil, or use a Money Exchange office

  • At Guarulhos
  1. Action Cambio – from 5h to 0h | Passengers Terminal 1 – Wing B | phone +55 11 2445 4458
  2. American Express Foreign Exchange – from 5h to 0h | Passengers Terminal 1 – Wing A | phones +55 11 2445 3351 and +55 11 2445 3835
  3. Confidence Cambio – 24h | Passengers Terminal 2 – Wing C | phone +55 11 2445 3762
  4. Safra Bank – 24h | Passengers Terminal 1 – Wing B and Passengers Terminal 2 – Wing C | phones +55 11 2445 3701 and +55 11 2445 2321

We advise you to exchange your money in the Guarulhos International Airport.



We recommended that at the time you register for the Summit and book your travel you consider an insurance policy of your choice to protect your interests in relation to cancellations, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property. The event organizers cannot take any responsibility for participants failing to arrange their own insurance.


Suggested Hotels: A number of rooms are reserved for the Latin American Summit Meeting participants at some hotels listed below. Please inform to the hotel that you will participate of the IYCr2014 – LA Summit Meeting event to get the special rates between September 22nd-24th.

Comfort Suites Campinas (nearby CNPEM/LNLS, around 7,4km distance from CNPEM, 10min by car)
Address: R. Embiruçu , 300 – Alphaville, Campinas | SP
Telephone: + 55 (19) 2137-9000
E-mail for reservations: Website:

  • Special rate per room/day – “Superior”: Single room R$ 288,75 / Double room R$ 330,75
  • Special rate per room/day – “Luxo”: Single room R$ 333,90 / Double room R$ 375,90

Matiz Barão Geraldo (nearby CNPEM/LNLS, around 4,5km distance from CNPEM, 7min by car)

Address: Av. Albino José Barbosa de Oliveira, 1700, Campinas | SP
Telephone: + 55 (19) 3749-8500
E-mail for reservations: Website:

  • Special rate per room/day: Single room R$ 298,35 / Double room R$ 329,85 / Triple room R$ 403,35

Vitória Newport Residence (in Campinas downtown, around 13,5km distance from CNPEM, 23min by car)

Address: R. Santos Dumont, 291 – Cambuí, Campinas | SP
Telephone: + 55 (19) 3754-8000
E-mail for reservations: / Website:

  • Special rate per room/day: Single room R$ 254,50 / Double room R$ 270,25 / Triple room R$ 296,50

Cambuí Hotel Residence (in Campinas downtown, around 13,2km distance from CNPEM, 22min by car)

Address: R. Major Sólon, 535 – Cambuí,  Campinas | SP
Telephone: + 55 (19) 3045-8100
E-mail for reservations:  / Website:

  • Special rate per room/day: Single room R$ 223,00 / Double room R$ 244,00 / Triple room R$ 286,00

Suggested Hostels

Hostel Chaplins (nearby CNPEM/LNLS, around 5,3km distance from CNPEM, 9min by car)

Address: R. Germano Casellato 199 – Barão Geraldo, Campinas | SP
Telephone: + 55 (19) 3325-0097
E-mail for reservations: / Website:

Pousada Universitária Barão Geraldo (nearby CNPEM/LNLS, around 5km distance from CNPEM, 9min by car)

Address: R. Antônio Galvão de O. Barros, 101 – Barão Geraldo, Campinas | SP
Telephone: + 55 (19) 3308-6656
E-mail for reservations: Website: