The Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) funds the Sao Paulo School of Advanced Science (SPSAS)  to promote short duration courses in advanced research in different areas of knowledge in the State of Sao Paulo.

SPSAS-MS [grant #2016/18802-4, FAPESP] will offer 10-day courses in advanced themes in science and technology, contributing to the formation of the young scientists. This FAPESP initiative expects to establish in the State of Sao Paulo a globally competitive hub for talented researchers.

The SPSAS-MS lecturers will be ministered by 6 Brazilians and 6 foreign invited scientists. The SPSAS-MS will cover Quantitative and Spatial Proteomics, Clinical Proteomics, Targeted Proteomics, Post-translational Modifications, Structural Proteomics, Computational and Statistical methods for Proteomics. The topics will be addressed in theoretical lectures and practical activities.