Tutorial: Introduction to Jupyter Notebook

Speaker: Luciano Ramalho
ThoughtWorks Brasil

Jupyter Notebook is an Open Source alternative to Matlab and similar tools, providing scientists and engineers with an interactive environment capable of advanced numeric processing, graphing and data transformation, leveraging some of the best libraries available in domains as diverse as natural language processing and quantitative finance. Jupyter Notebook supports Python, R, Julia and dozens of other languages, but this workshop will focus on Python.

This workshop will cover:

  1. How to install and run Jupyter Notebook with Python (note: lab workstations will have all dependencies installed to prevent delays)
  2. Structure of a Notebook: text, code and output cells of various formats
  3. Python syntax
  4. Array operations
  5. Data ingestion and transformation with Pandas
  6. Graphing
  7. Basic simulation with interactive controls