Tutorial: Introduction to Git

Speaker: Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho
Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory

Source code for the presentation is available here.

The success of software development depends on realistic planning and on proper organization. Version control is an essential activity in organizing the development, not only regarding the organization of how the software evolves and how the deliverables are tracked, but also regarding how the stakeholders collaborate. Git is a free and open-source tool that has become one of the leading version control tools. Still, its command-line interface and its abundance of features can make it intimidating. This session focuses on a hands-on approach to learning how to start to use the basics of Git effectively. It covers:

  1. Introduction to version control
  2. A simple description of how Git organizes a repository internally
  3. The basic commands necessary to use Git for version control
  4. Organizing branches and performing merges
  5. The benefits of collaboration using distributed version control
  6. The power of interactive commands
  7. The rebase command: a multi-purpose powerful command
  8. Some extra useful commands