The concession of grants is connected to the authorship of the work to be presented during the Meeting. Therefore, it is mandatory the author be the one to submit it to the system. The co-authors will not be able to do any kind of grants request.

Those interested in requesting financial support must send an email to after the system's payment confirmation and resume submission. It will only be considered requests that meet these previous requirements.

All papers will be selected by the RAU’s scientific committee and the announcement of the beneficiaries should occur by the middle of January 2014 or as soon as we receive the approval of resources.

Note: grants are subjected to the amount of resources approved by the development agencies of the RAU

Deadline for submission of resumes with benefit request: September 29th, 2013


The LNLS will observe the following rules for the concession of benefits:

1) Transportation

1.1) Air tickets

Applicants must have a Masters, PhD or be a guest speaker. May also be considered for this grant Masters or PhD students in an institution located at a distance with a travelling time of more than 10 hours by bus.

1.2) Reimbursement of bus ticket or mileage

Studying for a Masters or have a higher title/degree.

2) Accommodation:

Studying for a Masters or have a higher title/degree. Applicants for this type of grant must not come from an institution based in Campinas.

Scholars productivity level 1 from CNPq will not receive any type of grant.

Important notes

  • The ones receiving financial support of any kind (transportation, accommodation etc.) must participate full time of the event, not only on the day that their work will be presented (poster or oral communication).
  • In case of no show at the event, the beneficiaries must send an explanation message in advance, to avoid charging on the air ticket and the hotel daily rate for no show. The charging is subjected to our supplier’s policies and there being no possibility to cancel in time, the beneficiaries must assume the reponsibility for the expenses.
  • The ones granted with the air ticket can feel free to choose the flight dates between March 9th – 15th, 2014. It will not be allowed any change in date (anticipation or extension) after the ticket emission. It is mandatory to check-in online and send the return boarding passes to right after this procedure. Ticket’s changing or the loss of boarding pass will imply in refusal of grant in a next event promoted by the LNLS/CNPEM.

    Obs: when giving the notification of concession, all beneficiaries will receive a term of compromise that has to be signed and sent to RAU’s local committee. In that document, the one accepts to be aware of all rules above and, in case of non-compliance, commits himself to reimburse the financial resource improperly used / unused.

  • The grant will not necessarily cover costs of both accomodation and transportation in all cases. The organization of the RAU is committed to inform what kind of assistance was conceded to all beneficiaries, considering distance and the expense price.