The online registration (via system) for the 24th RAU have been extended until 24th of January, 2014.



Until 10/20/13

(with and without grant's request)

Until 01/24/14
(without grant's request)




R$ 65,00

R$ 120,00

R$ 140,00

Professional (non doctor)**

R$ 80,00

R$ 145,00

R$ 175,00

Professional (doctor)

R$ 145,00

R$ 220,00

R$ 240,00

* Category's voucher is attached to participant's registration

** Professionals who have graduate degree or who are at postgraduate level: Masters (complete or in progress) or Ph.D. in progress.


Note: The registration fee is mandatory for all participants, even for those granted with the benefit. Only invited speakers and staff members of LNLS/CNPEM are free of charges.


Payment: Participants from abroad can make payment only by international credit card at the end of their inscription in the system above. It will only be possible to make payments in full.


Cancellation Policy

Credit card: the payment's cancellation can be requested up to 30 days after the registration is done by the system. It is mandatory to send an email to to ask for the cancelling. The refund is associated to the policies of the card holder.



The registrations and submissions of resumes for those interested in financial benefit were received until September 29thSee all rules for grants here.