Rules for submission of abstracts

The article’s author must be the responsible for the submission of the abstract no matter which format was chosen for presentation. During the submission of resume the authors must inform:


  • academic level by the time the experiment was performed: Scientific Initiation (IC), Masters (M), Doctorate (D), Postdoctoral (PD), industry developer (IN), others (O);
  • number of the research proposal referring to the abstract submitted.


We remind you that it will be accepted only abstracts of which experiments were part- or integrally done at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) installations. Authors may choose between two categories: oral communication and poster. It is up to RAU's Scientific Committee to evaluate your choice and inform the presentation format. 

Deadline for the submission of abstracts: October, 20th, 2013.

Rules for Oral Communication

  • Each speaker will be up to present for 15 minutes, 5 more minutes after will be destined for Questions & Answers;
  • The speech must be in English;
  • The slide content must be in English.


Poster Standard

Poster inkjet plotter, standard format 1,20 meters by 90 centimeters, with a standard channel finishes. 

The content of the poster must be in English.