To all the participants selected to present at the Oral Communication Sessions at 29th RAU:

The sessions will happen in parallel in two rooms on Wednesday, November 6th at Sirius, CNPEM campus.

  • Parallel I corresponds to Sessions I and II
  • Parallel II corresponds to Sessions III and IV

See the distribution below:

Guidelines for oral communications:

  • Each speaker will have 12 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions (chair of each session will strictly enforce the time limit);
  • The presentation and the slides must be in the English;
  • Bring your presentation in PPT/PPTX or PDF files, in 16×9 screen format and save it in an extension compatible with Windows 10.

Note that you need to bring your presentation on USB memory stick and load it on November 5th with the reception staff (at Sirius). If you use a different format than this, please bring your own laptop and adapters needed.

Session I

Session time: 10:45 – 12:30

Seminar Room – 1nd floor

Chair: Maria do Carmo Martins Alves / Mario Ernesto Giroldo Valério

Topic: Environmental and Earth Science & Catalytic Materials

Time Presenter Title
10:45 Susilaine Maira Savassa Interaction of Ag and Zn nanoparticles in the seed coat of common Phaseolus vulgaris during the germination investigated by synchrotron-based techniques
11:02 María Fernanda Mera Study of plant species for remediation of Pb-contaminated soil by synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence microscopy and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry techniques
11:19 Gabriel Sgarbiero Montanha In vivo X-ray spectroscopy (XRF and XANES) probing the kinetics of ZnSO4 and Zn-EDTA root-to-shoot transport on soybean plants (Glycine max)
11:36 Bianca de Almeida Machado X-ray spectroscopy fostering the understanding of foliar uptake and transport of Mn by soybean (Glycine max L. Merril): Kinetics, chemical speciation and effects of glyphosate.
11:53 Christian Wittee Lopes Trojan Horse in zeolite synthesis: a XAS study on the first structure-directing agent based on As cations
12:10 Amélie Rochet In situ and operando study of reaction-induced strain on model catalysts using Bragg CDI
12:27 Cícero Naves de Ávila Neto Stability of (La-Ni-Co-O)-based perovskites in LPG steam reforming: assessment of gas composition and Ni/Co ratio

Session II

Session time: 10:45 – 12:30

Plenary Room – Ground floor

Chair: Jacinta Enzweiler / Leopoldo Suescun Pereyra

Topic: Protein and Macromolecular Crystallography & Life and Medical Sciences (excluding Crystallography) & Others

Time Presenter Title
10:45 Florencia Di Salvo Small molecule single crystal X-ray diffraction studies at the MX2 beamline of the LNLS: crystal engineering of organic molecules and coordination compounds with relevance to material science
11:02 Augusto Roman Magneto-elastic coupling in FePt/BaTiO3 structures
11:19 Marcos V. Colaço Synchrotron radiation microtomography (SR-µCT) for biological applications at IMX beamline
11:36 Carla Cristina Polo Bagasse structure modifications induced by pretreatment are revealed by coherent diffractive imaging
11:53 Maria José Ramos Sandim Micromechanical aspects of the austenite reversion in a high-Mn steel evaluated by in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction
12:10 Aline Grein Iankovski Modulating the assembly of magnetic nanoparticles by their surface modification with different polymers
12:27 Ricardo J. S. Torquato Cancelled

Session III

Session time: 14:00 – 15:42 

Seminar Room – 1nd floor

Chair: Flávio Garcia

Topic: Condensed Matter, Electronic and Magnetic Structure & Hard Condensed Matter, Atomic Structures and Morphology

Time Presenter Title
14:00 Martín Eduardo Saleta Correlation between the electric behavior and the XANES spectra in Cr1.8Ti0.2O3
14:17 Carlos Eduardo Maduro de Campos New approaches for microstructural characterization of nanocrystalline powders by Wide Angle X-ray Total Scattering (WAXTS)
14:34 Samuel Flewett Soft X-ray Ptychography of Magnetic Domains – Promises and Limitations
14:51 Emilia Annese Structural, electronic and magnetic characterization of SrTiO3/La0.67Sr0.34MnO3/Fe-Phthalocyanine/Co
15:08 Pedro Lana Gastelois Induced magnetization at interfacial Cu atoms in epitaxial Fe/Co/Cu3Au(001)
15:25 Adriana Valerio Analyzing in situ crystallization of bismuth ferrite through X-ray data analysis

Session IV

Session time: 14:00 – 15:42

Plenary Room – Ground floor

Chair: Roberto Magalhães Paniago

Topic: Atoms, Molecules and Plasmas & Surface Science, Electronic and Atomic Structure & Instrumentation and Technological Materials

Time Presenter Title
14:00 Omar Ginoble Pandoli Ultra-high conductive hollow channels guided by bamboo bio-template for electric and electrochemical devices
14:17 Daniel da Silva Costa Cancelled
14:34 Mário Ernesto Giroldo Valerio Shedding light on light generating materials: XEOL, EXAFS, XANES, Photo and Thermoluminescence and time resolved experiments “toolbox” revealing the dynamics of charged carriers
14:51 Fábio Faria Conde Austenite reversion kinetics and stability during tempering of an additively manufactured maraging 300 steel
15:08 Arnaldo Naves de Brito Cloud formation driven by water-soluble organic compounds probed by XPS
15:25 Fabiano Bernardi Boosting the Photocatalytic H2 Production in Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles