The second edition of the SMX workshop will contemplate discussions about the latest methods of serial data collection, both in situ and in jato, as well as the challenges and opportunities of room temperature dynamics studies of enzymes in cristal form. Automation, ease of use and remote access will be important components of the MANACA operation, and we will present and discuss the features of the pipelines for data collection and treatment under commisioning for the beamline.

Coordinator: Ana Zeri (LNLS/CNPEM)
Co-chair: Rafael Guido (USP)

Invited Speakers

Daniele DeSanctis: ESRF


  • Serial Macromolecular Crystallography;
  • Room Temperature Protein crystallography;
  • MX Data collection and beamline control.


  • Structural biology researchers, graduate and undergraduate students working on MX data collection;
  • Research professionals interested in protein structure determination and ligand binding studies.

This is a satellite event to the 29th edition of the LNLS Annual Users Meeting (RAU).