A primeira vez que conheci o professor Ricardo foi em 1997, durante meu estágio de verão no LNLS. Me apaixonei por ele desse dia em diante (…) tivemos conversas muito agradáveis ​​e profundas. Ele era uma pessoa tão brilhante e ao mesmo tempo tão humilde, isso é raro!


Hannes Fisher

I´m really thankful to Professor Aldo who always encouraged me to be around smart people.

First time I met Professor Ricardo was in 1997 during my summer internship at LNLS. I fell in love with him from this day on, over the next 20 some years my contact faded away due to different paths we walked, but our ways always crossed somehow, or visiting each other at LNLS, Skedio, Professor Aldo´s birthdays, etc… And we always had very nice and deep conversations.

He was such a brilliant person and at the same time so humble, this is rare! And I still remember what joy he had with simple things like seeing for the first time on an XRAY imaging detector the shape of the beam he helped to put alive.

Once during a meeting at LNLS he left all his peers from abroad to stop and talk with me for a long time, he valued those around him in a special way and made me feel special too. We even talked about Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, something kind of avoided in this high-level science space.

Even losing contact with him, once I asked him if he could join us in a research project to develop a sensor system to monitor pests in agricultural fields and his reply was:

“Dear Hannes, I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier to you. Everyone complains that they can’t find me on the phone. Today LNLS “pushed” me a cell phone (19-9715 6663) that you can use (if I don’t forget it in the drawer!). Yes, I am interested in participating in the project although I understand little about the subject. Due to the rush you can include me in the project even without consulting the LNLS management. Later I will tackle this issue. A big hug, Ricardo.”

Always interested in new things, new challenges and doing what he believed was right. I miss you dearly.

Oh dears, let’s spend more time with each other before it’s too late, encourage each other, send small notes of appreciation, even if it sounds a bit silly. We need this, later we might regret it when we don’t have each other anymore…