• Abstracts can be submitted via Conftool system only. Please, read the Tutorial before submitting an abstract.
  • Language of Submission: all abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Attention: Abstract submission is not mandatory to participate at SAS 2022. However, the submission of an abstract is mandatory to apply for financial support.

Process for submitting an abstract at Conftool

1 – First create an account at Conftool platform:

2 – Once registered, you can enter the platform:

3 – To submit your abstract, choose the “Your Submissions” then choose “Abstract Submissions”.

4 – Fill all the fields and choose your preferred type of contribution: on-site (Yes) or virtual (No).

Step 1: 

Please submit your abstract as text, including references, at the fields below. For figures and tables, one file (pdf, jpg or png) can be uploaded.

REFERENCES: Please use the following format, including the DOI:

Liu, L., Milas, N., Mukai, A. H. C., Resende, X. R. & De Sá, F. H. The sirius project. J. Synchrotron Radiat. 21, 904–911 (2014)


Step 2: 

The uploaded file is for figure or table. Do not use it for the full abstract. The figure caption must be placed below the figure. 

Finally you can save and submit your contribution with or without file upload.