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SRCD 2015, the 1st Brazilian workshop on Synchrotron radiation circular dichroism applied to biological systems: present applications and future perspectives will be held by the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, on September 2nd, 2015. Registrations are open from July 30th to August 23rd.

This one day workshop will explore the technique of synchrotron radiation circular dichroism (SRCD) spectroscopy, and discuss the possible inclusion of it as a new technique being developed at the LNLS.  This would be a unique facility in the Americas and the Southern hemisphere, following the success of many widely-used SRCD beamlines existing in Europe and Asia.

The talks will include examples that show the enhanced value of using synchrotron radiation for circular dichroism studies in structural biology, biophysics, chemistry and material sciences.

This workshop will be particularly relevant for users of conventional (lab-based) CD spectroscopy, but also as an introduction to a complementary method for those who use SAXS, crystallography, molecular dynamics and other structural and computational methods.