Program overview

  • The school will run from 13 to 24 of July 2015 (12 days).
  • Students are supposed to arrive on the 12 of July and remain during the whole period.
  • All mornings will have 3 (1 hour) lectures by the invited speakers.
  • On 6 afternoons of the school 17 LNLS beamlines will be available for experiments on diffraction, imaging and spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation. Other 3 tutorials synchrotron instrumentation will be proposed, to complete 20 tutorials.
  • In each of these 6 afternoons, 80/96 students will work on tutorials. We plan to have four students with supervisors during tutorials. At the same time, the other 16/96 students will have a free afternoon to visit the posters and discuss with the lecturers.
  • The first morning will be dedicated to LNLS and FAPESP presentations and to an introduction to synchrotron radiation physics.
  • The last afternoon will be used for discussions and filling the EVALUATION FORM.
  • One afternoon will be dedicated to visit laboratories at the state university UNICAMP.


Here is our schedule for each day of the School.