Renewable Resources: Program

Time Talk Speaker Institution
08:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
  Opening Session    
08:40 Welcoming Lecture: CTBE – Research Institutional Programs and Facilities Mario Murakami CTBE/CNPEM
09:20 Welcoming Lecture: TUM – Making the best of biomass – enzymatic and chemoenzymatic reaction routes for sustainable production of chemicals Volker Sieber TUM
Session 1: Biocatalytic and fermentative processes
10:00 Unraveling the genetic basis of xylose consumption in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains Leandro Santos  CTBE/CNPEM
10:30 Emerging enzymatic approaches to sustainable synthesis  Michael Richter Fraunhofer IGB
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 Adaptive evolution, genomics and synthetic biology for improving yeast tolerance to fermentation stresses Jeferson Gross UNESP
11:40 General Discussion
Session 2: Chemo and electrocatalytic processes
12:00 Chemoenzymatic synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives under continuous flow Josef Sperl TUM
12:20 Deconstructing the multiscale architecture of sugarcane biomass Carlos Driemeier CTBE/CNPEM
12:40 General Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Electrocatalysis: energy as a renewable resource for synthesis Luciana Vieira Fraunhofer IGB
14:30 Electrochemical valorization of glycerol Pablo Fernandez UNICAMP
14:50 Production of biochemicals and fuels from forest biomass fractionation and thermal depolymerization Danilo Ribeiro de Lima Fibria
15:10 Nitrocellulose: from renewable polymer to sustainable coatings Ilton Castro Nitro Química
Session 3: Cooperation between Brazil and Germany
15:30 Bioeconomy networks Alexandre Martins Fraunhofer IVV
15:50 Coffee break and discussion
16:10 TUM: Funding and Research Opportunities Sören Metz TUM
16:30 DFG Funding opportunities Brazil – Germany Kathrin Winkler DFG
16:45 DAAD Funding Opportunities Anna Barkhausen DAAD
17:00 EMBRAPII: R&D funding opportunities Patrícia Toledo CNPEM/Embrapii
17:15 FAPESP Funding Opportunities São Paulo – Germany Alexandre Roccatto FAPESP
17:30 Closing Remarks Volker Sieber and Mario Murakami TUM and CTBE/CNPEM