08:45 Registration at CNPEM
09:30 Opening Talk
Yves Petroff
10:00 Coffee break and Sirius facility tour
12:50 Departure to Ubatuba + Lunch Box
08:30 Breakfast + check out
09:00 Transfer out to Sao Paulo Airport and Campinas Airport
08:45 Welcome 08:45 Anouncements 08:45 Anouncements
09:00 Oppening talk – Harry Westfahl 09:00 Markus Raschke 09:00 Christophe Szwaj 09:00
09:30 Hans Bechtel 09:35 Bernd Kaestner 09:35 Francesco Capitani 09:30 Pascale Roy
10:05 Mark Frogley 09:55 Ingrid Barcelos 09:55 Jean-Blaise Brubach 10:00 Closing Remarks
10:25 Francisco Maia 10:15 Marcio Soares 10:15 Tyler Huffman 10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Coffee Break 10:35 Coffee Break 10:35 Coffee Break
11:05 Hoi-Ying Holman 10:55 Sponsor 1 – Neaspec 10:55 Mustafa Kansiz
11:40 Christophe Sandt 11:30 Eglof Ritter 11:30 Eugenio Calandrini
12:00 Jitraporn (Pimm) Vongsvivut 11:50 Per Uvdal 11:50 Sponsor 2 – Bruker Nano
12:20 Tomasz Wrobel 12:10 Jitraporn (Pimm) Vongsvivut 12:10 Matthew Ryder
12:40 Lunch 12:30 Lunch 12:30 Lunch
14:00 Jan-Christophe 14:00 Lawrence Carr 14:00 Rainer Hilenbrand 14:00 Trip to Anchieta’s Isle (optional)
14:35 Lukas Wehmeier 14:35 Gihan Kamel 14:35 Miriam Unger
15:10 Akinori Irizawa 14:55 Yuka Ikemoto 14:55 Mengkun Liu
15:30 Coffee Break 15:15 Tim May 15:30 Coffee Break
15:50 Andrea Peruche 15:35 Coffee Break 16:00 Alex McLeod
Posters Session
16:00 Ferenc Borondics 16:35 Stephanie Gilbert Corder
16:20 Carsten Cleff 16:55 Julian Barnett
16:40 IAC meeting + free time 17:15 Barbara Souza
18:00 17:00
19:00 Regular dinner 19:00 Conference Dinner

Mike Martin + Lisa Vaccari

19:00 Tropical Cocktail Party 19:00 Regular dinner

Color code:

IR sources, detectors and facility developments
Nanoscale resolved synchrotron IR analysis
IR spectro-microscopy and imaging
FEL and ERL IR/THz sources and beamlines
Special IR Techniques
Why all the fuss about synchrotron IR/THz now?

Bold: Invited

Regular: Speaker

IR sources, detectors and facility developments

Invited speakers: Larry Carr (USA), Serge Bielawski (France)

– Synchrotron IR/THz beamlines: upgrades and new stations

– FEL and ERL IR/THz sources and beamlines

– Coherent and Ultrafast IR/THz synchrotron radiation

– IR/THz detectors developments and new technologies

– Stability improvements and wavefront correction strategies for synchrotron IR beams


IR spectro-microscopy and imaging

Invited speakers: Eglof Ritter (Germany), Hoi-Ying Holman (USA), Lisa Vaccari (Italy)

– Biology and Medicine

– Soft Matter and Material Science

– Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry

– Atmospheric and Astrophysical Applications/ Gas phase

– Geology and Environmental Sciences

– Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

– Multidisciplinary Applications


Nanoscale resolved synchrotron IR analysis

Invited speakers: Hans Betchel (USA), Markus Raschke (USA), Rainer Hillenbrand (Spain), Mengkun Liu (USA), Alex McLeod (USA)

– 2D materials: local chemistry and nano-optics

– Nano-chemistry of heterogeneous thin films

– Bio-medicine in the nano-scale

– Nano-drugs

– IR nano-crystallography

– Ultra-broadband hyperspectral nano-imaging

– Cryogenic IR nanospectroscopy

– THz nanospectroscopy

– Strategies for enhancing nano-IR sensitivity


Special IR Techniques

Invited speakers: Christophe Szwarj (France)

– Ellipsometry

– Tomography

– Extreme environments

– Time-resolved experiments

– Pump-and-probe/multi-color experiments

– Optical Photo-thermal Infrared Microscopy


Special session: Why all the fuss about synchrotron IR/THz now?

Invited speakers: Pascale Roy (France)

– The inevitable comparison with novel sources

– Is there room for IR/THz in last generation storage rings?

– Big data processing, complex instrumentation developments, community assistance/training, etc…: the advantages of a large multi-user facility


FEL and ERL IR/THz sources and beamlines

Invited speakers: Jan-Christoph Deinert (Germany), Lukas Wehmeier (Germay), Andrea Perucci (Italy)

Pascale Roy (France) Lukas Wehmeier (Germany)
Christophe Szwaj (France) Rainer Hillenbrand (Spain)
Larry Carr (USA) Jan-Christoph Deinert (Germany)
Eglof Ritter  (Germany) Andrea Perucchi (Italy)
Hoi-Ying Holman (USA) Mike Martin (USA)
Hans Bechtel (USA) Lisa Vaccari (Italy)
Markus Raschke (USA) Mengkun Liu
Alex McLeod