This hands-on workshop will cover essential aspects of sample preparation, data acquisition and data processing for single-particle Cryo-EM. Theoretical and practical aspects of how to reach protein structure determination by single-particle Cryo-EM will be discussed.

The course is aimed at PhD students, post-Docs and researchers that are new to the field or are already using the technique.


List of selected applicants

They will be contacted by email to confirm their interest

Important Dates

  • Applications from September 22nd until October 4th
  • Selected participants and waiting list (notified by email only) October 10th
  • Workshop: November 29th until December 1st 2022

Speakers and Instructors


Prof. Marin van Heel – LNNano/CNPEM

Rodrigo V. Portugal – LNNano/CNPEM

Alexandre Cassago – LNNano/CNPEM

Antônio C. Borges – LNNano/CNPEM

Mariana A. Aleixo – LNNano/CNPEM

Sayan Bhakta – LNNano/CNPEM

Daniela C. Serdan – LNNano/CNPEM

Zoltan Metlagel – Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Francisco Acosta-Reyes – Thermo Fisher Scientific)


Organizing Committee

Prof. Marin van Heel
Rodrigo V. Portugal

Mariana A. Aleixo 

Dora Marques
Cristiane Duarte
Kerolen Cavanholi
Letícia Loyola


Languages spoken

English and Portuguese

Selection Criteria

  • This hands-on course is limited to 20 participants.
  • Applicants to the course should provide a short CV and a letter of motivation explaining how their participation will impact their research activities.
  • If applicable, please also submit a letter of support from their supervisor
  • Please also list any previous experience in (Cryogenic) Electron Microscopy and in the data processing


Registration fee...................... R$95.00 (ninety five reais).
Includes the lunches and social-gatherings within the event's program

Registration payment will only be requested by email from selected registrants, to confirm their participation in the event.
Applicants on the waiting list will receive the payment link after the first call payment deadline.

The Cryo-EM Workshop will be held at the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) campus, at Campinas-SP.

Address: Rua Giuseppe Máximo Scolfaro, 10.000,

Polo II de Alta Tecnologia de Campinas, Campinas, SP, Brazil.

Postal Code 13083-100

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In case of questions, it is strongly recommended you check with your local Brazilian diplomatic mission if you need to apply for a tourist visa beforehand, Consular Offices of Brazil. 

Information on this topic can be found at Brazilian Consulate portal: Brazilian Consulate portal.  

Important: bear in mind you must apply for a visa in advance, at least 2 months before the intended travel to have enough time to get it. 

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The invitation letter is available only for registered participants and the DHL fee is not included in the conference fee if you need the original letter. 

Note the Invitation Letter does not guarantee a Brazilian visa. 

  • Passport 

The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned date of departure from Brazil. 

  • Travel Insurance 

You may consider an insurance policy of your choice to protect your interests in relation to cancellations, medical expenses, loss or damage to personal property. The conference organizers cannot take any responsibility for participants failing to arrange their own insurance. 

  • Health

COVID Vaccination Policy 

The complete proof of vaccination or the first dose plus a negative test for Covid-19 should be proven at the conference venue according to the test type: 

  1. PCR – 48 hours before entering the establishment 
  2. Antigen – 24 hours before entering the establishment 

Current local regulatory norms in Campinas city. 

  • Face Cover Requirements

Indoor masks are voluntary for all people regardless of their COVID vaccination status (vaccinated and unvaccinated).  

Masks are still required on public transportation and in Health Care settings, including Lab Health Services.  

Note: In-person activities at CNPEM campus in Campinas-SP are planned following the sanitary recommendations on the COVID-19 pandemic and are subject to change, which may lead to cancellation, postponement or migration to online realization only.

How to get to Campinas | CNPEM campus

This is the Sirius laboratory location.

Address: Rua Giuseppe Máximo Scolfaro, 10.000,

Polo II de Alta Tecnologia de Campinas,

Campinas – SP, 13083-100, Brazil.

Viracopos International Airport (VCP, also known as “Campinas Airport”) is located near the city of Campinas. Some international flights are available to/from this airport, most of them with connections to Orlando, Lisbon and Buenos Aires.

Shuttle Buses run between VCP Airport and Campinas Bus Terminal (called “Terminal Multimodal Ramos de Azevedo”).  Tickets are available from the “Lirabus” company booth located in front of the Domestic Arrivals. Tickets to Campinas cost around BRL 14.00 each*. The bus timetable is available on the company website (select “Viracopos”). The bus trip from VCP Airport to Campinas Bus Terminal (20 km) takes around 40 minutes.



Accommodation in Campinas, SP located close to CNPEM campus

Address: Av. Albino José Barbosa de Oliveira, 1700 – Barão Geraldo, Campinas/SP

E-mail for booking:

Phone: +55 19 3262-1525

Website: Hotelaria Brasil | Administração hoteleira especializada no bem-receber.

Distance from the event’s venue (CNPEM): 5,7 km

Special price: Single 165 BRL/night; Double 195 BRL/night + 5% tax (breakfast included)


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Code of Conduct Policy

All attendees, speakers, and sponsors at Cryo-EM Workshop are required to agree to the following code of conduct. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event. Creating a supportive environment to enable scientific discourse at Cryo-Em Workshop is the responsibility of all participants.

Our meeting provides a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Participants must agree to be professional and courteous regardless of gender, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, appearance, political affiliation, or religion.

It is strictly prohibited any of the following actions during the conference:

  • Recording, copying, or capturing any conference material presented;
  • Sharing content with nonregistered users;
  • The use of hostile or profane language;
  • Offering or soliciting products or services in the event areas, in or outside of the virtual app, or exhibitor areas and from any attendee not designated as company representatives.

Violations of this code of conduct policy should be reported directly to or to any staff or organizing committee member. Sanctions may range from a verbal warning to ejection from the meeting without refund or to notifying appropriate authorities. Your co-operation will help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for everybody.

Organizing Committee

What is Cryo-EM?

Transmission Electron Cryomicroscopy (Cryo-EM) is widely used for the observation of a variety of systems, from soft materials to biomolecules. 




Why should you learn about it?

Cryo-ME is a powerful technique to investigate the structure of biomolecules. The rapid immersion method for vitrifying samples preserves the native structure of the particles which, together with the use of state-of-the-art microscopes and detectors, allows access to high-resolution information in three-dimensional structures. 

How is the technique used?

Sample preparation is performed with rapid freezing, which preserves the native state of macromolecules. Data collection is performed on cryogenic electron microscopes, under low dose conditions, with minimal damage to the sample. Biomolecules can have their structural information obtained in high resolution, using single particle analysis.


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