The following visits will take place during the event:



UVX is a second-generation synchrotron light source designed and built in Brazil. Inaugurated in 1997, it was the first synchrotron light source in the Southern Hemisphere and is still today the only one in Latin America. With open facilities, it benefits more than a thousand Brazilian and foreign researchers every year.

Currently, UVX has 17 experimental stations, called beamlines, which allow the execution of several experiments in microscopic analysis techniques using infrared, ultraviolet radiation and X-rays.



Sirius, the new Brazilian Synchrotron Light Source, will be the largest and most complex scientific infrastructure ever built in the country and one of the first fourth-generation synchrotron light sources of the world. It is planned to put Brazil on the leading position in the production of synchrotron light and is designed to be the brightest of all the equipment in its energy class. The first beam is scheduled to June 2018.

Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam (optional)


The binational Itaipu hydroelectric dam is located in the Parana River, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, and was built from 1975 to 1982. It holds the world record of energy production in one year, having generated more than 103 TWh in 2016. The area of its lake is larger than 1300 km2 and an extension longer than 150 km. Itaipu has twenty 700MW generators, resulting in a total power of 14GW.

Itaipu is located close to Foz do Iguaçu, a touristic city in the tri-border, among Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Iguazu Falls inside the Iguazu National Park is an unmissable attraction. Ciudad Del Leste, in the Paraguayan side of Iguazu river, is a very visited place for shopping.

About the Tour:

The summarized timetable of the trip can be found in Programme.

The trip will be organized by the tourism company CVC, which will receive the payment directly from the participants. If you chose the option “yes” to the question “Are you interest in participate to Itaipu’s visitation?” in the registration form, you will be contacted by them. Otherwise, if you decide later to participate of the visitation or if you were not contacted, you can send an e-mail to the person in charge of the trip, Teresa Galli (

The tour package will include:

  • Round trip flights between São Paulo (GRU) and Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) in economic class and single luggage;
  • Transfer to/from Foz do Iguaçu airport and the hotel;
  • 2 nights at Pietro Angelo Hotel with breakfast (3 stars –;
  • Transfer between the hotel and Itaipu Hydroelectric plant;
  • Transfer between the hotel and Iguazu National Park (ticket to the Park not included);

Since only 20 places were booked, it is indicated to confirm the tour with CVC as soon as possible.

Late confirmations may mean to get different flights or stay in different hotels than the rest of the group.

These are the prices that are guaranteed until April 13th:

Single Double Triple
Reais (BRL) 1275,00 1136,00 1103,00
Dolar (USD) * 386,00 344,00 334,00
Euro (EUR) ** 319,00 284,00 276,00

* Considering 1 USD = 3,30 BRL

** Considering 1 EUR = 4,00 BRL

After this date, those values will be updated and will probably increase to match more recent flight and hotel prices.


About the Hydroelectric Plant Visitation:

This visitation will have technical feature, what means it is different from that available to common tourists. The entrance is free, but some rules must be observed:

  1. It is forbidden for people younger than 14 years;
  2. People who need disability specific facilities must notify previously;
  3. It is mandatory to use closed shoes, without heels, and clothes covering below the knee;
  4. It is not allowed to enter with bags, packages, etc., but there are wardrobes for rental where they can be kept;
  5. It is allowed take pictures and record video.