Between July 31st and August 2nd, 2019, the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS), part of the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) located at Campinas (SP), will host the event Synchrotron Techniques Under High Pressure (PRESSYNC). PRESSYNC is a satellite workshop to the 27th International Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology (AIRAPT27).

The AIRAPT27 conference, sponsored by AIRAPT (International Association for the Advancement of High-Pressure Science and Technology), is the largest and most important international scientific event in the field of high-pressure science and technology. The 27th conference in Rio de Janeiro will be the first one to be held in the southern hemisphere. The conference gathers a multidisciplinary international community whose focus is on fundamental and applied research at extreme pressure conditions, as well as on the associated technology and instrumentation.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the PRESSYNC Satellite Workshop will bring together world leaders in high-pressure science to discuss the potential of synchrotron-based techniques under high pressure on the new fourth-generation synchrotron light sources, such as Sirius.

Sirius, the new Brazilian synchrotron light source, is planned to be one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the world, opening new perspectives for research in a wide range of fields. Hence, PRESSYNC aims specially to motivate the community around the several possibilities that will be available at Sirius’ extreme conditions beamline, EMA.


Seats will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Important Dates

Registration begins: February 20th
Registration with abstract submission ends: May 30th
Registration without abstract submission ends: July 3rd*

*If places are filled before this date, registrants will be placed in a waiting list.

Preliminary List of Invited Speakers

Alejandro Ayala 

    Federal University of Ceara | Brazil

Antonio Gomes

Federal University of Ceara | Brazil

Cris Adriano

University of Campinas | Brazil

Daniel Haskel

    Argonne National Laboratory | U.S.A.

Eduardo Bittar

    Brazilian Center for Research in Physics – CBPF | Brazil

Eduardo Granado    

    University of Campinas | Brazil

Fernanda Gervasoni

    Federal University of Goias | Brazil

Frederico Alabarse

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste | Italy

Giovanni Hearni

   University of Johannesburg | South Africa

Haozhe Liu

    Center for High Pressure Science & Technology Advanced Research – HPSTAR | China

Jean-Paul Itie

     Synchrotron Soleil | France

Leonid Dubrovinsky

  University Bayreuth | Germany

Katsuya Shimizu

   Osaka University | Japan

Mari Einaga

Osaka University | Japan

Michael Nicklas

Max Planck for Chemical Physics of Solids | Germany

Naira Balzaretti

    Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul | Brazil

Paul Loubeyre

Commissariat à l’énergie atomique – CEA | France

Paulo de Tarso

Federal University of Ceara | Brazil

Priscila Rosa

Los Alamos National Laboratory | U.S.A.

Przemyslaw Dera

    University of Hawaii | U.S.A.

Sergio Michielon   

   Federal University of Amazonas | Brazil

Shanti Deemyad

     University of Utah | U.S.A.

Stan Tozer

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory | U.S.A.

Vitali Prakapenka

    University of Chicago | U.S.A.

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