6th School of Small Angle X-ray Scattering Data Analysis

The 6th SAXS School will be held in October 2017 at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory and is intended to motivated post-graduate students and early career scientists willing to learn Small-Angle X-ray Scattering. The main objective of the school is to provide an opportunity for young scientists developing their research in areas related to Biology, Physical Sciences, Materials Science and Chemistry, to have a contact with the technique, acquiring both theoretical and experimental skills.

The course will offer an overview of SAXS theory, data reduction and analysis tools, as well as modelling techniques. It will include hands-on experiments at the LNLS-SAXS facilities and tutorials.

The last day of the school will be dedicated to the new SAXS beamline, Cateretê, at SIRIUS, the 4th generation synchrotron currently in construction in Campinas, and to the new techniques proposed such as coherent SAXS and coherent imaging techniques. Selected applicants will be automatically registered to the Cateretê Workshop, which will take place at the same venue. Participation of all applicants is required.


Scientific Committee

  • Florian Edouard P. Meneau (LNLS – CNPEM) – Chairperson
  • Carla Cristina Pólo (LNLS – CNPEM)
  • Vesna Stanic (LNLS – CNPEM)
  • Antonio Augusto M. Gasperini (LNLS – CNPEM)
  • Ana Carolina de Mattos Zeri (LNLS – CNPEM)


Local Committee

  • Dora Maria Marques (CNPEM)
  • Luciana Noronha (CNPEM)
  • Thaís Garcez Capovilla (LNLS – CNPEM)