About TDE 2014

September 24th to 25th, 2014

Local: CNPEM Campus – Campinas, Brazil

TDE will be streamed online! 

Anybody will be able to make questions to the speakers.


The 7th Workshop on Thermodynamics, Disequilibrium and Evolution (TDE) aims to explore the relations between biological and planetary systems, considering their dynamic aspects. The searching for answers in this field must consider phenomena that are out of thermodynamic balance, in outdoor ambient systems. This approach is necessary for a better understanding of chemistry and geochemistry involved in prebiotic processes, in the origin of life and in the subsequent chemical complexity gain until self-sustained systems.

The challenges for studying these phenomena require interaction among several research areas, in a multi and interdisciplinary approach, a very characteristic of Astrobiology. This field of research allows comprehensive studies of natural phenomena involved in the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the universe, considering their complex relations with planetary and astronomic environments.

Organized for the first time in Brazil, in partnership with the NASA Astrobiology Institute, the TDE workshop will bring together experts on this new field, in order to discuss experimental and theoretical approaches to constrain the scenarios of origin of life on our planet, and to explore the possibilities of life arising on other places on the Universe.

The importance of this workshop will be emphasized by the key lecture to be given by Nobel Laureate Ada Yonath.