About the Workshop on Advanced Nanomagnetism Characterization

The Abstract Book for the workshop is now available here: abstracts_book_wanc.pdf

August 30th and 31st, 2018

Systems at the nanometric scale present great potential from both the basic science and technological point of view. But together with the decrease in size of such systems, one normally faces greater difficulties in their characterization.

This satellite workshop to the 16th International Conference on Molecule-based Magnets, will get together specialists on advanced characterization techniques that can be used to get information about magnetism at the nanoscale.

Having in mind that real problems normally require several approaches to be investigated, this workshop intends to bring together and share the experience and expertise of researchers that use the most different probes to tackle magnetism like neutrons, electromagnetic radiation in several spectral region, ions, among others.

Also, the workshop is aimed to techniques that could complement the magnetic information, like crystalline and electronic structure characterization. 


We welcome contributions describing research on the experimental characterization of magnetism on nanosystems. Furthermore, we encourage contributions from the more diverse techniques, in such a way that the audience will have an overview of the most modern ways to investigate magnetism at the nanoscale. Presenting a contribution is not compulsory to participate in the workshop.


Please notice that we can accept a limited number of participants. Priority will be given to those registering earlier with poster or oral contributions. 


Important dates

March 1st Registration opens 
June 20th Deadline for registration with oral contribution
June 25th Releasing of selected abstracts with oral contribution
July 31st Deadline for registration with poster contribution
August 8th Final deadline for registration
August 10th Releasing of selected abstracts (poster contribution)
August 30th-31st Workshop