Renewable Resources Workshop

Valorization of Renewable Resources – Recent Advances and Prospects: A Brazilian-German Technology Alliance”

March 9th, 2018 | CTBE/CNPEM | Brazil

The workshop will be divided into three sessions based on different technology platforms for the biomass valorization. In each session, the techniques for biomass transformation will be discussed in its specific aspects according to the topics:

Biocatalytic processes
Chemo-catalysis and green chemistry
Electrocatalysis: energy as a renewable resource

In the first session, novel strategies for the application of biocatalysts will be discussed. This will include combined catalytic processes, enzyme cascade reactions, novel enzymes and tolerant enzymatic processes.

The second session will elaborate ideas and novel concepts in electro and chemo-catalysis: the development of catalyst materials and chemical routes for biomass processing and production of chemicals. The use of energy as a renewable resource for the synthesis of value-added molecules will also be explored. All sessions will be held by delegations from CTBE/CNPEM, TUM, Fraunhofer, and industry.

A third session will be held by the TUM regional liaison office, which will cover the possibilities of joint applications for third-party funding (involving the German Funding Agencies DAAD and DFG as well as the Funding Agency of the State of São Paulo – FAPESP).

The workshop will take place during one day and it is planned to be attended by participants from academia, research centers, and industries. Open and productive discussions among the participants are expected in order to launch innovative scientific solutions for unmatched bioeconomy problems.

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