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Postdoctoral position in Drug Discovery
National Center for Research on Energy and Material (CNPEM)

We seek highly motivated individuals for a challenging interdisciplinary project on early drug discovery for neglected diseases. The successful candidate will work under the guidance of Dr. Lucio Freitas-Junior. The project consists on the establishment of a multidisciplinary team of biologists and chemists for the discovery and development of novel chemotherapeutics for leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. The selected candidate will perform routine drug screening and biological in vitro tests for compound optimization, and will deal with several aspects of an early drug discovery program, involving high content screening, compound management, screening data analysis and reporting.

The candidates should have a doctoral degree and previous experience in cell culture, and be fluent in English. The successful candidate is expected to be highly motivated, creative, responsible and proactive to meet the demands of the project.

The successful candidate will be awarded with a FAPESP postdoctoral fellowship for 24 months. The fellowship benefits consists of: 1) a tax free monthly salary of BLR  6,143.40 (Brazilian Real); 2) relocation benefits (a single payment of BLR 6,143.40 at the first month of the project, provided the approved candidate is moving cities); and 3) a economy class air ticket from the approved candidate´s original location to Campinas, SP, Brazil (if the distance is greater than 350 km).

Interested applicants should submit a letter of motivation (1 page max), complete CV (2 pages max), and one recommendation letter with respective contact information of the reference to Lucio Freitas-Junior UNTIL March 2nd, 2015.

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