General Information

The ENVIRO 2016 is putting on workshops that will cover present-day topics on emerging themes on agri-environmental sciences where synchrotron radiation has found groove. It will be held in 2 days and devoted to a multidisciplinary audience, namely: Rhizosphere Sciences and Biofortification of Staple Food Crops on day 1, and Air and Water Chemistry on day 2.

The objective of the ENVIRO 2016 is to nourish the emerging community of agri-environmental scientists currently using our lab and to attract new comers to pursue their research work making use of our facilities by learning more about the applications of the techniques available at our lab through the research work showcased by renowned lecturers.

Organizing the first edition of the ENVIRO, in 2014, was a very successful experience provided the outcomes achieved with the meeting. The growth of the agri-environmental community seen at the LNLS has been, in large part, due to the realization of the importance of hosting events that promote the establishment of such emerging communities in our lab. This translate into nothing but motivation and encouragement to return full circle and to promote the event once again. Thus, the proposition and commitment of the LNLS to organizing the ENVIRO 2016.

The participation on ENVIRO 2016 is free of charge.