Registration is now open for those interested in joining the LNLS Users Committee. All users registered in the SAU Online System can become members of the LNLS User Group (LNLSUG) and participate in the elections of the Users Committee as a voter and/or candidate.

To participate in LNLSUG, the applicants must update their registration at SAU Online System under “Account Settings/Change Personal Information” and accept the option to be part of the users group. For more details, access the bylaws.

The atributions of the Committee members, as well as other information related to the group, are available on the LNLSUG website.

Those interested in proposing a name to be part of the Users Committee should send a message through the Contact Form at the LNLSUG website by the deadline of October 18, 2022.

Updated November 18th


Voting to choose members of the LNLS Users Committee happened through SAU Online between October 27 and November 4, 2022.

Final results of the LNLS User Committee elections

Complete election results

The counting of votes showed a tie between candidates MARIO ERNESTO GIROLDO VALERIO and NÁDYA PESCE DA SILVEIRA. Given the circumstances, candidate MARIO ERNESTO GIROLDO VALERIO declined in favor of candidate NÁDYA PESCE DA SILVEIRA.