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Satellite Events

The 28th RAU will include 3 different satellite events!

Find below the registration form for all events.

  • The registration for the 28th RAU includes an optional free registration to one of the satellite events;
  • You can only attend one of the satellite events, since they will be happening at the same time;
  • Registering to the complete RAU schedule is optional for those only interested in a satellite event;
  • However, abstract submission is available only for those attending the 28th RAU.

Abstract Contribution

In this edition, in addition to ongoing research contributions, we are also accepting abstract contributions related to new ideas to be performed at Sirius in the future! This is not a call for proposals, it is just an open window to share with colleagues possible challenging experiments that could eventually be performed at Sirius in the future.

  • The abstract contribution must be submitted as you register for the 28th RAU;
  • Abstracts and Financial Support Applications are exclusive to those attending the 28th RAU;
  • It is mandatory to present an abstract contribution to be eligible for financial support;
  • Each abstract must be submitted by only one of its authors;
  • The abstract must be submitted and presented by the same person;

We highly recommend registering to both the RAU standard program and one of the satellite events.

Registration Fees

The Registration Fees are different for each Registration Category:

Registration Fees in Brazilian Reais – BRL Undergraduate Students Masters and Doctoral Students Professionals
RAU (optional satellite event included) R$ 100,00 R$ 150,00 R$ 220,00
One of the satellite events only R$ 50,00 R$ 75,00 R$ 110,00

The organization will contact the registered participants through e-mail regarding the payment later.

The deadline for all applications ended on August 20th.