Registration Fees

The Registration Fees are different for each Registration Category:

Registration Fees – BRL Undergraduate Students Masters and Doctoral Students Professionals
RAU (optional two satellite event included)
  • R$ 120,00
  • R$ 180,00
  • R$ 250,00
One of the satellite events only (price per event)
  • R$ 70,00
  • R$ 100,00
  • R$ 150,00
Satellite Events

The 29th RAU will include 6 satellite events!

Find below the registration form for all events.

  • The registration for the 29th RAU includes an optional free registration to the satellite events;
  • Abstract submission will be separated from the regular registration. More informations at Abstract Submission
  • You can attend up to two of the satellite events, one on Nov 5th and one on Nov 7th;
  • Registering for the complete RAU schedule it is not mandatory;
  • However, abstract submission and/or application for financial support are available only for those attending the 29th RAU complete schedule.

Registration forms will be open on July 15th