About the LNLS Annual Users’ Meeting (RAU)

The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) of the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) will hold the 34th LNLS Annual Users’ Meeting (RAU) from 6-7 November and its 4 workshop events on 4 to 5 and 8 November 2024. The event will take place at Sirius located at the CNPEM campus, in Campinas-SP.

The RAU is an important forum for discussions and exchange of information among users and scientists from LNLS, along with invited researchers from abroad. In this context, the meeting provides a critical space for the evaluation and presentation of proposals to enhance research facilities and currently available instrumentation. Furthermore, the RAU also serves as a platform for identifying the technical-scientific needs and expectations of the Brazilian and international scientific community regarding Sirius, the new Brazilian synchrotron light source.

Building on the model adopted in the 2023 edition, the plenary sessions of the RAU will engage the entire user community in active discussions about current and future facilities, as well as analyses of scientific results achieved at Sirius, with the participation of internationally renowned speakers. Additionally, complementing the plenary activities of the RAU, four thematic workshops on synchrotron science will be held, fostering stimulating discussions among the Brazilian scientific community and distinguished international guests.

Important Dates

Workshops (3rd SMX and 2nd PRESSYNC) 4-5 November 2024
34th Annual Users’ Meeting 6-7 November 2024
Workshops (1st VUV Spectroscopy and 2nd H2Mat) 8 November 2024


3rd SMX - MX at Sirius for Fragment Screening Workshop

The state-of-the-art in fragment screening by macromolecular crystallography and its importance in drug discovery and allosteric sites will be presented. We will discuss the use of this tool and its implementation at Sirius.

2nd PRESSYNC - Synchrotron Techniques Under High Pressure

We will gather world leaders in high-pressure science to discuss the status and research opportunities in high-pressure X-ray techniques at fourth-generation synchrotron light sources.

1st VUV Spectroscopy - Vacuum Ultra-Violet Spectroscopy Workshop

We will address the use of spectroscopic techniques ranging from visible to VUV, focusing on ARPES and radiation absorption above 5eV. We will discuss potentialities and opportunities in various areas with techniques using synchrotron light.

2nd H2Mat - International Sirius Workshop on Heterogeneous and Hierarchical Materials

We will have presentations and discussions on the use of synchrotron light techniques applied in the study of hierarchical and heterogeneous materials, especially in in-situ and operando experiments.

4th to 5th November

8th November

  • Language

    • The event official language is English. All information, content and presentations must be performed in this language.

  • Target Audience

    • Undergraduate and graduate (master and doctoral) students and professionals interested in the use of synchrotron scientific instrumentation to perform cutting-edge experiments in areas such as Materials Science, Health and Pharmacology, Environmental Science  Energy, Biotechnology, X-ray Imaging, Oil and Gas, Chemistry, and others.

  • Selection of Participants

    • In case of exceeding the capacity, there will be selection by the Organizing Committee based on abstract contribution and first-come, first-served basis, according to the Registration Form.

  • Bright Ideas

    • In addition to ongoing research contributions, RAU also welcomes contributions related to new ideas to be performed at Sirius, the Brazilian synchrotron light source. This is not a call for proposals, it is just an open space to discuss with colleagues possible challenging experiments that can be performed at the Sirius facilities.

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