The Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS) of the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) and the Institute of Physics of University of Campinas (UNICAMP) will hold the 41st International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics (VUVX 2023) from 3 to 7 July, 2023, at Campinas-SP, Brazil.

The International Conference VUVX 2023 will bring together scientists from all over the world working in fields involving electromagnetic radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet, soft X-ray and hard X-ray spectral regions generated by synchrotron, laser, or plasma based sources. Topics to be covered range from instrumentation and methods development to applications in a variety of fields. 

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Dates: 3-7 July, 2023

Location: Campinas-SP, Brazil

Registrations: from February 2023

Special Issue

VUVX2023 Special Issue “Advances in Vacuum UltraViolet and X-ray Physics” will be published in the Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena


  • New sources: storage rings, FELs, XUV lasers and X-ray tabletop 
  • Photoemission spectroscopy (incl. angle/spin resolved)
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy (incl. dichroism)  
  • Resonant elastic and inelastic X-ray scattering 
  • X-ray nanoscale imaging 
  • Time resolved and coincidence spectroscopy 
  • In-situ and operando  
  • Theory of X-ray spectroscopy and scattering 
  • Advanced data analysis 
Applications to:
  • Atoms, molecules and ions
  • Liquids and solvated (bio)molecules 
  • Surfaces and interfaces 
  • Nanostructured and 2D materials
  • Quantum materials 
  • Catalysts and energy materials 
  • Environment and biology
  • Industrial analytical problems
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History of the VUVX Conferences

The VUVX Conference was first held in 2010 as the union of the two prestigious and long standing conference series – the International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics (last meeting was the 15th in that series, VUV-15 in Berlin, Germany in July 2007) and the International Conference on X-ray and Inner-shell Processes (last meeting was the 21st in that series, X-08 held in Paris in June 2008).

The last VUVX was held in San Francisco – USA 2019 (https://vuvx.lbl.govand before that in Zurich in Switzerland 2016 (https://indico.psi.ch/event/3461/). 



Arnaldo Neves de Brito (IFGW – UNICAMP) Tulio Rocha (LNLS/CNPEM)