Shuttle Transfer Route

Shuttle transfer Company: ZANCA

Updated timtable

July 4th – 7th (Tue – Fri):

BUS 1: Rio Bourbon Hotel x Av. Albino José Barbosa (Burguer King) x Unicamp Convention Center

  • 1st stop – Hotel Rio Bourbon (R. Estácio de Sá, 2136 – Jardim Santa Genebra) – 8:30 (updated)
  • 2st stop – Av. Albino José Barbosa de Oliveria, nº 1000. In front of “Burguer King” next to the Barão Geraldo Bus Terminal (130m) 8:40 (updated)

BUS 2: Matiz Barão Geraldo Hotel x Unicamp Convention Center

  • MATIZ HOTEL – Av. Albino José Barbosa de Oliveira, 1700 8:40 (updated)


Returning from the venue

Updated 4th Julydeparture at 19h

  • 1 bus: Convention Center Unicamp x Matiz Hotel departure at 19h
  • 1 bus: Convention Center x Rio Bourbon Hotel departure at 19h

Wifi Access - Convention Center Unicamp

There are two ways to access the Wi-Fi at VUVX 2023 venue:

  • Via “eduroam”
  • Via “UNICAMP-visitante”

The Unicamp Visitor Wi-Fi network provides free Internet access for visitors at the University. To get access, you can use your social media account (Facebook or Google) or a visitor account created at

Here’s how to connect:

  • Select the Wi-Fi network Unicamp-Visitante.
  • Open a browser and go to
  • You will be redirected to an authentication portal.
  • Log in using your social media account or the visitor account.
  • Great! You can now use the Internet.




Phone: 19 3521-2222


  • Aulus Restaurant and Bar

Address: Av. Professor Atílio Martini, 937, Barão Geraldo – Campinas/SP

  • Embrev Bar

Details click here

Address: Av Prof Atílio Martini, 940 – Barão Geraldo
Contact:  (19) 99715-3588

Participants are recommended to book in advance to guarantee availability. 

Address: Av. Albino J. B. de Oliveira, 1700 – Barão Geraldo, Campinas – SP, 13084-008 

Distance from the VUVX venue: 4 km; 8-min by car; ~25-min on foot 

There will be a shuttle bus from the hotel to the conference venue.

E-mail for booking: or Whatsapp 55 19 37498500

A limited number of rooms are reserved for the VUVX 23 participants at the Matiz Barão Geraldo (next to the conference venue): book up to June 5, 2023.

Please, do not forget to mention “VUVX23” conference to get the SPECIAL PRICE below. It will be required your registration receipt for booking.

Special prices for promocode “VUVX23 

Breakfast included. 

Single bed: 1 guest:  R$195,00+5%ISS | 2 guests – R$232,00+5%ISS | 3 guests – R$269,00+5%ISS
Double bed: 1 guest – R$205,00+5%ISS | 2 guests – R$242,00+5%ISS | 3 guests – R$279,00+5%ISS



Address: R. Estácio de Sá, 2136 – Jardim Santa Genebra, Campinas – SP, 13080-010 

Distance from the VUVX venue: 7,5 km; 12 min by car 

There will be shuttle bus from the hotel to the conference venue and back. 

Special 10% discount at Rio Hotel By Bourbon 

PromocodeVUVX23 should be added to get a 10% discount on the daily rate. 

Price: ~260 BRL/night; remember the rate´ price is approximate. You should check the current price of rooms directly at the reservation link below adding the dates of stay. 

Book here! 



Address: Rua Embiruçu, 300, Alphaville Empresarial, 13098320 Campinas, Brasil 

Distance from the VUVX venue: 11 km; 17-min by car 

E-mail for booking: 

Special prices for “VUVX23 

Single room: R$ 290,00 + 5%ISS  | Double room: R$ 340,00 + 5%ISSBreakfast included. 


Address: Av. Érico Veríssimo, 1251 – Cidade Universitária, Campinas – SP

Phone: (19) 3521-2809 | 98150-9819 (WhatsApp)

E-mail for booking:

Distance from the event venue (Unicamp Convention Center): 650 m



Affordable accommodation (close to Unicamp campus)

Address: R. Antônio Galvão de O. Barros, 101 – Barão Geraldo – Campinas, SP 

Distance from the VUVX venue: 3,3 km; 9-min by car; ~30-min on foot 

E-mail for booking:
Phone: + 55 (19) 3308-6656 / WhatsApp +55 (19) 9 8706-6656 

Price: ~170 BRL/night (single room) and ~220 BRL/night (double room); Breakfast: 12 BRL.

Remember the rate´s price is approximate. You should check the current price of rooms directly at the email for booking adding the dates of stay.



Address: Rua Angelo Vicentim, 822, Barão Geraldo, Campinas, SP

Distance from the VUVX venue: 4,0 km, 9-min by car; ~35-min on foot

Website for booking:

Price: ~130 BRL/night; remember the rate price is approximate. You should check the current price of rooms directly on the website adding the dates of stay.



Gymnasium and Convention Center

The VUVX23 Conference will take place at the Unicamp’s Gymnasium and Convention Center in Campinas-SP, Brazil.

Gymnasium website Ι Convention Center website

Address: R. Elis Regina, 131

Cidade Universitária,

Campinas – SP,

Zip Code: 13083-854


From the entrance of Campinas University to the entrance of the Conference Hall please follow the instructions in Google maps at the right or use this link: 


  • Visa 

Visitors to Brazil must obtain a visa from a Brazilian Consulate (in some cases, Embassy) unless they come from a visa-exempt country – check the list of countries for a visa required at the following links: 1) English (see the “caption” on the first page and column “Vivis – Visit Visa” in the table for the corresponded visa information); 2) Português version.  

In case of questions, it is strongly recommended you check with your local Brazilian diplomatic mission if you need to apply for a tourist visa beforehand, Consular Offices of Brazil

Information on this topic can be found at the Brazilian Consulate portal: Brazilian Consulate portal.  

Important: bear in mind you must apply for a visa in advance, at least 2 months before the intended travel to have enough time to get it. 

  • VISA Invitation Letter 

The Local Committee (LC) ( will be happy to provide a letter of invitation if you need it for a visa. The requirements may differ from country to country. Please, check what applies in your case. 

The invitation letter is available only for registered participants (LC may require a scientific abstract) and the DHL fee is not included in the conference fee if you need the original letter. 

Note the Invitation Letter does not guarantee a Brazilian visa. 

  • Passport 

The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from Brazil. 

  • Travel Insurance 

You may consider an insurance policy of your choice to protect your interests in relation to cancellations, medical expenses, loss, or damage to personal property. The conference organizers cannot take any responsibility for participants failing to arrange their own insurance. 

Additional tips

  • Currency

REAL (R$) is the currency used in Brazil. It is possible to find some options for exchanging money at the airports or in the city of Campinas.

  • Climate

The climate is tropical but mitigated by elevation. July is winter in Brazil temperature is mild and it is generally dry.

  • Tipping

Tips in bars and restaurants are already included in the bill, which corresponds to 10% of the total amount spent. In some places, the waiter/waitress will ask if they can add the “service fee”, as it may be called. Although not mandatory, it is very common to accept.

  • Electricity

In Brazil, the voltage is 110 or 220 V, depending on the city. In Campinas, the voltage is 110 V and 60HZ. Electrical outlet plugs and sockets in Brazil follow type N. Visitors should bring plug adapters and voltage transformers to their electric/electronic devices if necessary.

How to get to the Venue | Gymnasium and Convention Center

If you are coming from

Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

Governador André Franco Montoro Airport, also known as “Cumbica Airport” or “GRU Airport“, is the airport through which most foreign participants will arrive.

It is located in the city of Guarulhos, less than 60 minutes from downtown Sao Paulo, and around two hours from Campinas either by bus or car.

Viracopos Airport (VCP)

Viracopos International Airport also known as “Campinas Airport”, is located near the city of Campinas.

Some international flights are available to/from this airport, most of them with connections in Orlando, Lisbon and Buenos Aires.

By Taxi

GUARUCOOP - 24h service
Airport to Campinas city: R$ 608,22
(~118 USD)
Campinas to GRU Airport:
R$ 486,58
(~94 USD) –
R$ 608,22
(~118 USD) *

* If the return is linked to the arrival using Guarucoop of GRU/Cps, there is 20% discount on the value, therefore the return price will be R$ 486,58 (~94 USD).
If the return is purchased alone, the price is the same as the arrival.
??But atention : the person must reserve the return (Cps/GRU) to guarantee the discount. 

Located at the Landing Terminals:
Terminal 1 (Departure / Arrival)
Terminal 2 (Arrival – East/West)
Terminal 3 (​Arrival)

+55 (11) 2440 7070 | ? +55 (11) 2461 6170

TEV - 24h executive taxi service
VCP to Venue: R$ 95,00
(~18 USD)

+55 (19) 97413-2483

CITY TAXI - 24h service

+55 (19) 99699-4798

AEROCOOP - 24h service
Located at the Arrivals Area, Floor -1.

By Bus

Ground Transportation: 

Shuttle Buses run between GRU Airport and Campinas Bus Terminal (called “Terminal Multimodal Ramos de Azevedo”).  Tickets are available from the “Lirabus” company booth located on Terminal 2, next to the main parking lot. Tickets to Campinas cost around BRL 35 each*. The bus timetable is available at the company website (select “Cumbica (Guarulhos)”). The bus trip from GRU Airport to Campinas Bus Terminal (120 km) takes around 2 hours and thirty minutes.

  • The bus company LIRABUS does the trajectory from both airports (GRU and VCP) to Campinas. Daily schedule and ticket prices can be checked on the Lirabus Website.
  • Busses from the Airports and from other cities will arrive at the Campinas Bus Terminal called “Terminal Multimodal Ramos de Azevedo”.
  • Taxis and ride-booking apps are also available in the city.

Estimated length to get to the VUVX 2023 venue:

By car:

  • From Viracopos International Airport (Campinas): 34 minutes (37.5. km)
  • From Cumbica International Airport (São Paulo): 1 h 55 min (132 km)

By bus:

  • From Viracopos International Airport (Campinas) to Campinas Bus Terminal: 40 minutes (20.4 km)
  • From Cumbica International Airport (São Paulo) to Campinas Bus Terminal: 2h (111 km)
  • From Campinas Bus Terminal to Venue: 58 minutes see:

Gymnasium and Convention Center- This is the VUVX-2023 venue location.

Address: R. Elis Regina, 131 – Cidade Universitária, Campinas – SP, 13083-854, Brazil

Tourism in Campinas, SP

Viracopos International Airport 

The Viracopos International Airport, located in the city of Campinas, 99 kilometers from São Paulo, has a modern and comfortable passenger terminal. Located in one of the regions with the largest infrastructure in Brazil, Viracopos is one important hub for flights across all Brazil for destinations as Rio de Janeiro and Foz do Iguaçu and countries abroad. 

Address:Rodovia Santos Dumont, km 66 – Parque Viracopos, Campinas – SP 

North and South Coast of São Paulo 

About 300 km away from Campinas is the coast of São Paulo with its beautiful beaches. 

Restaurants and Nightlife 

Campinas has an incredible variety of flavors. Enjoy the gastronomic variety in restaurants that range from rustic to sophisticated. 

Observatório Municipal de Campinas Jean Nicolini 

The Municipal Observatory of Campinas Jean Nicolini is an astronomical observatory located in the district of Joaquim Egídio, municipality of Campinas. 

Address:Estrada do Capricórnio, no Parque Pico das Cabras 

Code of Conduct Policy

All attendees, speakers, and sponsors at the 41st International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics are required to agree with the following code of conduct. Organizers will enforce this code throughout the event. Creating a supportive environment to enable scientific discourse at VUVX2023 is the responsibility of all participants.

Our meeting provides a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Participants must agree to be professional and courteous regardless of gender, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, appearance, political affiliation, or religion.

It is strictly prohibited any of the following actions during the conference:

  • Recording, copying, or capturing any conference material presented;
  • Sharing content with nonregistered users;
  • The use of hostile or profane language;
  • Offering or soliciting products or services in the event areas or exhibitor areas and from any attendee not designated as company representatives.

Violations of this code of conduct policy should be reported directly to or to any VUVX2023 staff or organizing committee member. Sanctions may range from a verbal warning to ejection from the meeting without refund or to notifying appropriate authorities. Your co-operation will help ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for everybody.

VUVX 2023 Organizing Committee