AgroEnviro Workshop will be a full online remote workshop via videoconferencing.

Instruction Manual

Quick Instructions to the Meeting

  • Download Zoom app, register an account, load picture.
  • Ensure that your name and e-mail are the same as your registered screen name on Zoom app.
  • Use the provided link or meeting ID sent to you by e-mail to enter.
  • Use earphones, turn off microphone when not speaking, turn off video if internet is poor.
  • Follow Do’s and Do NOT’S of videoconferencing (see Instruction Manual on the button ahead).
  • Raise “Zoom hand” to ask questions verbally, or send text to “co-moderator” or “everyone”.


  • Turn ON microphone and video.
  • Share PowerPoint presentation in slideshow mode while presenting

Summary Presentations

  • Summary Presentations are included in the program in addition to Invited Speakers.
  • Participants are invited to give summary presentations of your research.
  • Summary Presentations are short presentations of 3-4 minutes with 2 slides maximum.
  • To contribute a Summary Presentation, you will be asked to submit a title and a short summary (maximum 250 characters) on the Registration Form.
  • Depending on the number of volunteered Summary Presentations, the organizing committee may need to select a subset of presentations that best fit within the workshop program.


Objective: Identify Brazilian agricultural and environmental problems to which fundamental research at Sirius can help solve. Presenters do not need previous synchrotron experience.

Suggested slide content:

Slide 1

  • PROBLEM – very short phrase

Slide 2

  • RESEARCH APPROACH – pictures or schematic of planned or used approach
  • KEY OUTCOME (optional) – image, plot, etc. of one key outcome or result