Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Time Title Speaker
09:00 Introduction Sirius 4th generation synchrotron source Harry Westfahl Jr (LNLS/CNPEM)
9:30 The Cateretê Beamline @ SIRIUS, A powerful X-ray Microscope for 3D Imaging with Nanoscale Resolution Florian Meneau (LNLS/CNPEM)
10:00 Coherent X-ray scattering for biological sciences at Cateretê Carla Polo (LNLS/CNPEM)
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Perspectives for material sciences and catalysis at Cateretê Aline Passos (LNLS/CNPEM)
11:30 The PIM3GA detector for Sirius Jean Marie Polli (LNLS)
12:00 CDI reconstruction at Sirius: Algorithms vs. HPC Eduardo Miqueles (LNLS)
12:30 Invited: Shedding synchrotron light on plant physiology Igor Cesarino (USP)
13:15 Lunch
14:30 Invited: X-ray Nanovision Oleg Shpyrko (UCSD)
15:15 Visit to Sirius – Cateretê Beamline
16:15 Poster Session + Coffee Break

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Time Title Speaker
09:00 Invited: Scattering contrast imaging of functional materials in real time Andrew Beale (UCL)
09:45 Coherent X-ray diffraction imaging unravelling structure-activity relationships of gold catalysts Amélie Rochet (LNLS)
10:15 Invited: Molecular sieves: overview and perspectives Sibele Berenice Castellã Pergher (UFRN)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Invited: SAXS as a tool for structural elucidation of colloids and nanomaterials in petroleum research Ana Maria Percebom (PUC-Rio)
12:15 Contribution: Influence of short- and medium-range structure on the biological performance of niobium (Nb)-containing bioactive glasses João Henrique Lopes (ITA)
12:40 Contribution: Challenge proposal for the Cateretê Beamline from the Soft Matter Laboratory Agustin Picco (CONICET)
13:05 Lunch
14:30 Contribution: Anisotropic recrystallization of PCL/SBA-15 composites during 3D printing: a SAXS study of the influence of processing parameters Fiona Britto (Buenos Aires University)
14:55 Contribution: Lignocellulose-based biotemplate from bamboo biomass for chemical, electric and electrochemical biodevices Omar Ginoble (PUC-Rio)
15:20 Contribution: Combined magnetoliposome formation and remote-controlled drug release Maria Eugenia Fortes Brollo (UNICAMP)
15:45 Coffee Break
16:00 Contribution: Liquid-liquid phase separation of the prion protein modulated by nucleic acids (SAXS)
Yraima Cordeiro (UFRJ)
16h25 Round table & Concluding remarks