November 6 – 10, 2015
LNBio, Campinas, Brazil

SeattleThe Seattle Proteome Center (SPC) is pleased to offer a Trans-Proteomic Pipeline (TPP) course that will focus on the use of our open-source software tools for the analysis, validation, storage and interpretation of data obtained from large-scale quantitative proteomics experiments, targeted quantitative methods, protein cross-linking experiments and comprehensive tandem mass spectrometry.

Through daily lectures and hands-on tutorials, course participants should become proficient in the use of these tools, including PeptideProphet, iProphet, ProteinProphet, ASAPRatio, and other components of the TPP.  We will show how you can use Amazon Web Services cloud computing to expand your computing capacity via the TPP.  There will also be instruction on conducting targeted quantitative proteomics and using SPC resources such as the SRMAtlas, SWATHAtlas, related tools, and other software packages for proteomics research.

5-day course at LNBio in Campinas, São Paulo November 6 – 10:
Cost is US$200 student | US$300 non-profit academia | US$600 industry

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