Poster Session

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R. P. Amaral, D. J. Garcia, D. Betancourth, P. G. Pagliuso, J. G. S. Duque, R. Lora-Serrano

Study of the role played by Ce in metal/oxide solid oxide fuel cell anodes during CH4 and H2 electro-oxidation

Leonardo A. Ayala, Liliana V. Mogni, Corina Chanquía

Electrocatalytic activity of supported platinum-on-carbide composites for the oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reactions
José Luiz Bott Neto, Edson Antonio Ticianelli

Local Order Determination of a Novel β-keto Ether Analogue by X ray absorption
Jean M. F. Custodio , Carlos E. M. Campos and Hamilton B. Napolitano

R. Lora-Serrano, N. S. Camilo, R. P. Amaral, C. Adriano, L. Bufaiçal, P. G. Pagliuso

SR induced micro-XRF for studying the spatial distribution of Pb in plants used for soil phytoremediation

Mera M. F., Pérez C. A., Rubio M., Carranza L., Cazón S., Ravera M

Investigation of the valence shell of Ru(II) polypyridil complexes by UV vacuum absorption and XEOL
Juliana da Silva Goulart, Alan Gomes Pinto Sobrinho, Chiraz Belouezzane, Rosa Mayumi Sakae, Fabio da Silva Miranda

Study of Ti diffusion in bones by spatially resolved μXRF

Robledo J. I., Sánchez H. J., Grenón M., Ibanez J.C., Pérez, C. A
M. Rodríguez, R. Keuchkerian, S. Figueroa and L. Fornaro