São Paulo School of Advanced Sciences

Through the São Paulo School of Advanced Sciences (ESPCA), the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) offers funding for the organization of short duration courses in advanced research in the different areas of knowledge in São Paulo State.

It is expected that each ESPCA offers short duration courses (around 2 weeks) on advanced themes in science and technology, contributing to the formation of the young attendants. Through this initiative FAPESP expects to establish, in the State of São Paulo, a globally competitive hub for talented researchers.

The ESPCA lecturers are scientists, from many different countries and also from Brazil, with excellent qualification and prominence in their research fields.

The students must be recently graduated or enrolled in graduate programs in Brazil or abroad, being potential candidates for master’s, doctorate or post-doctoral programs in higher education and research institutes in the State of São Paulo.

Recently graduated PhD’s, even enrolled in a first post-doc, can also be accepted.

The students selected to participate in the courses will have the opportunity to present, in posters sections, their research results, discussing the progress with participating scientists.