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Message from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

After 175 years our mission is just as relevant and valid: Royal Society of Chemistry the world’s leading chemistry community and our mission is to advance excellence in the chemical sciences.

Our global community spans over 54,000 members (scientists, librarians, teachers, students, pupils and people who love chemistry) across the world, an internationally-renowned and award-winning not-for-profit knowledge business.

Our core strengths
To most effectively and efficiently achieve our mission of advancing excellence in the chemical sciences, we will bring together chemical scientists and help them to share their knowledge and ideas – we will connect the world with the chemical sciences.

Our strategic objectives

To make the best chemical science knowledge accessible to all those who need it.

To secure a strong, diverse and sustainable supply of chemical scientists at all levels.

To bring together and empower our global chemistry community for the benefit of science and humanity.

Our strong core membership brings together hundreds of groups of diverse yet like-minded people covering practically everything chemistry-related – whether it’s polymer science, patent law or pyrotechnics. Through conferences, meetings and online networks, our community welcomes anyone who wants to engage with chemistry at any level.

Our goal is to grow and support our community to be a powerful, unified voice on behalf of the chemical sciences.

In Brazil, we support meetings as the Microfluidics Workshops, to make our mission even more important. Bringing people together and making knowledge accessible in all levels will lead to the advance of the chemical science anywhere.

One of the goals is to call attention to our publications as Analytical MethodsEnvironmental Science: NanoJ. Materials Chemistry AJ. Materials Chemistry B or J. Materials Chemistry CLab on a ChipMaterials HorizonsNanoscaleRSC Advances.

Royal Society of Chemistry is sponsoring the VIII Microfluidics Workshop.