I IBSB – Valorization of Renewable Resources

I IBSB – Valorization of Renewable Resources – Recent Advances and Prospects: A Brazilian-German Technology Alliance
March 9th, 2018 | LNBR/CNPEM

This one-day workshop will promote interactions between members of academia, research centers, and industries from Germany and Brazil. The goal is to promote ideas that may lead to future collaborative R&D projects. There will be three sessions encompassing different technology platforms for biomass valorization. Each session will discuss techniques for biomass transformation considering:

  • Biocatalytic processes;
  • Chemo-catalysis and green chemistry;
  • Electrocatalysis: energy as a renewable resource;

The first session will address novel strategies for application of biocatalysts, including combined catalytic processes, enzyme cascade reactions, novel enzymes and tolerant enzymatic processes.

The second session will bring forward ideas and novel concepts in electro and chemo-catalysis, in particular, the development of catalyst materials and chemical routes for biomass processing and production of chemicals. The use of energy as a renewable resource for the synthesis of value-added molecules will also be explored.

A third session, chaired by the TUM regional liaison office, will be dedicated to funding opportunities (involving the German Funding Agencies DAAD and DFG as well as the Funding Agency of the State of São Paulo – FAPESP) and EMBRAPII.


Time Talk Speaker Institution
08:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
Opening Session
08:40 Welcoming Lecture: CTBE – Research Institutional Programs and Facilities Mario Murakami CTBE/CNPEM
09:20 Welcoming Lecture: TUM – Making the best of biomass – enzymatic and chemoenzymatic reaction routes for sustainable production of chemicals Volker Sieber TUM
Session 1: Biocatalytic and fermentative processes
10:00 Unraveling the genetic basis of xylose consumption in engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains Leandro Santos CTBE/CNPEM
10:30 Emerging enzymatic approaches to sustainable synthesis Michael Richter Fraunhofer IGB
11:00 Coffee break
11:20 Adaptive evolution, genomics and synthetic biology for improving yeast tolerance to fermentation stresses Jeferson Gross UNESP
11:40 General Discussion
Session 2: Chemo and electrocatalytic processes
12:00 Chemoenzymatic synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives under continuous flow Josef Sperl TUM
12:20 Deconstructing the multiscale architecture of sugarcane biomass Carlos Driemeier CTBE/CNPEM
12:40 General Discussion
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Electrocatalysis: energy as a renewable resource for synthesis Luciana Vieira Fraunhofer IGB
14:30 Electrochemical valorization of glycerol Pablo Fernandez UNICAMP
14:50 Production of biochemicals and fuels from forest biomass fractionation and thermal depolymerization Danilo Ribeiro de Lima Fibria
15:10 Nitrocellulose: from renewable polymer to sustainable coatings Ilton Castro Nitro Química
Session 3: Cooperation between Brazil and Germany
15:30 Bioeconomy networks Alexandre Martins Fraunhofer IVV
15:50 Coffee break and discussion
16:10 TUM: Funding and Research Opportunities Sören Metz TUM
16:30 DFG Funding opportunities Brazil – Germany Kathrin Winkler DFG
16:45 DAAD Funding Opportunities Anna Barkhausen DAAD
17:00 EMBRAPII: R&D funding opportunities Patrícia Toledo CNPEM/Embrapii
17:15 FAPESP Funding Opportunities São Paulo – Germany Alexandre Roccatto FAPESP
17:30 Closing Remarks Volker Sieber and Mario Murakami TUM and CTBE/CNPEM