IV IBSB: Brazilian CAZyme Research Meeting

IV IBSB: Brazilian CAZyme Research Meeting
February 8th, 2023

In its fourth edition, the IBSB: Brazilian CAZyme Research Meeting will gather the main topics on carbohydrate enzymology research carried out in Brazil, with speakers from different institutions. The meeting will count on the participation of Prof. Bernard Henrissat (Technical University of Denmark, DTU), founder of CAZy database and one of the leading international names in the glycofield. The event will be held in person and aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers and expand the collaboration network.

Important dates

Activity Date
Registration open 16/January/2023
Registration close 2/February/2023
Announcement of the selected participants 3/February/2023
IBSB: Brazilian CAZyme Research Meeting 8/February/2023 


Presentation/Activity Speaker Starting time
Welcome Mario Murakami (LNBR/CNPEM) 9:10
The Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) Eduardo Couto (LNBR/CNPEM) 9:15
CAZyme discovery Expanding and harnessing the CAZy database Bernard Henrissat (DTU) 9:30
CAZyme discovery Microbiomics-based discovery of novel CAZymes families Gabriela Persinoti (CNPEM) 10:20
CAZyme discovery The degradation of lignocellulose by termites: new insights Ednildo Machado (UFRJ) 10:45
Coffee break 11:10
CAZyme catalysis Structural biology of CAZymes: from Biotechnology to Drug Discovery Alessandro S. Nascimento (USP) 11:30
CAZyme catalysis Glycoside hydrolases mechanisms: substrate conformations and reactivity in endo and exo enzymes Mariana Morais (CNPEM) 11:55
CAZyme discovery Metagenomic CAZymes: a green tool for bioprocess Eliana Lemos (UNESP) 12:20
Enzyme mechanisms Molecular mechanisms for N-glycan utilization in bifidobacterial gut symbionts Priscila Giuseppe (CNPEM) 12:45
Lunch 13:10
Enzyme mechanisms CAZyme profiling in an insect leaf litter decomposer: how host enzymes degrade cell wall components Richard John Ward (USP) 14:35
Oxidative CAZymes Functional studies of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases from Aspergillus fumigatus Fernando Segato (USP) 15:00
Oxidative CAZymes Deletion of AA9 LPMOs Impacts A. nidulans Secretome and Growth on Lignocellulose Andre Damasio (Unicamp) 15:25
Filamentous fungi Unraveling Novel Sugar Transporters Potentially involved with Cellulose Degradation by the Industrial Fungus Trichoderma reesei Roberto Nascimento 15:50
Coffee break 16:15
Filamentous fungi Development of an economically competitive Trichoderma-based platform for enzyme production Fernanda Mandelli (CNPEM) 16:40
Enzyme mechanisms Challenges in the enzymatic deconstruction of recalcitrant mannan from açaí seeds Ayla Santana (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia) 17:05
Round table What are the grand challenges in the CAZyme field? (fundamental and applied) 17:30
Closing remarks 18:00