About the event

The 11th International Workshop on Personal Computers and Particle Accelerator Controls (PCaPAC) was held by LNLS, in Campinas, Brazil, from October 25 to 28th 2016. PCaPAC traditionally focuses on low-cost control systems using PC technology for control & data acquisition systems and emerging technologies.



Keynote Speakers

Jameson_Rollins LIGO: The dawn of gravitational wave astronomy

Jameson Graef Rollins
LIGO Interferometer Controls Scientist (more info)

javi7oficial Open Hardware and Collaboration

Javier Serrano
Leader of the Hardware and Timing section, which is part of the Controls group in the Beams Department at CERN (more info)


Future Trends on Control Systems for Large Research Facilities

Mark Heron
Head of Controls Group at Diamond Light Source (more info)


  • Python 
  • SBCs (RaspPi) as platforms connected to external devices
  • Git 
  • Py4Syn and LNLS IOC script 
  • openCL 
  • Feedback control

Topics include:

  • Control systems (Status reports, Control system frameworks – EPICS, Tango, Tine, DOOCS, STAR, MADOCA, !CHAOS – network design, reliability and longevity of control systems, virtual systems)
  • User interfaces and tools (mobile systems, web services, data visualization and archiving, automation tools, GUI building tools, reporting and logging tools, emerging interface trends from the consumer market, collaborative tools, remote or mobile operations, operator supervisory tools, user’s perspective and other)
  • Cyber security (Gateways, Internet connectivity, authentication, virtualization, cloud computing for controls and other)
  • Hardware technologies (DSP, FPGA, single-board computers, accelerator specific development, Timing System, PC buses and other)
  • Modern Data Acquisition and Analysis (commercial off-the-shelf systems, (real-time) operating systems, embedded systems, PLCs, IOCs and other)
  • Management of IT projects (Development processes, Quality Assurance, version control, in-time development and other)
  • Databases (Control DBs, extremely large databases, noSQL DBs and other)
  • Feedbacks and System Modeling (Tuning and optimization techniques for feedback control systems)