• Visitors to Brazil must obtain a visa from one of the Brazilian Embassies or Consulates unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.
  • We strongly recommend you check with your local Brazilian diplomatic mission if you need to apply for a tourist visa beforehand. Important: Bear in mind that you must apply for a visa in advance. It might take some weeks for you to get the visa.
  • You will need a passport valid for at least 6 months before the date you plan to depart to Brazil.
  • The Local Committee ( can provide a letter of invitation if you need to present it for visa or academic purposes. The Invitation Letter from the CNPEM may NOT be enough to obtain a Brazilian visa. Contact the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate for information on documents to provide.


  • Guarulhos (GRU) Airport (Governador André Franco Montoro Airport), known as “Cumbica Airport”, is where the most of foreign participants will arrive. It is located less than 60 minutes from the city center and around 1h30 min from Campinas.
  • The Viracopos (VCP) International Airport is located in one of the major technological poles of the Country, in Campinas, at town that shelters large universities, major highways, and state of art technology corporations.

How to get by bus to Campinas bus station

  • There is an exit of Terminal 2 (“Wing C” = “ASA C”) in São Paulo International Airport (Cumbica “GRU”), after leaving the terminal, outside of the airport you will see a booth from “VB/Lira” company which you can buy a ticket for the bus to Campinas (see the bus timetable at company website“Cumbica para Campinas”). The cost of the ticket is around R$ 34,00 (real is the local currency). The bus trip from Sao Paulo airport to Campinas bus station has a duration of 2 (two) hours.

How to go from Campinas bus station to the Hotel Premium Campinas

It’s necessary to use a cab. The cost of it is around R$ 40,00 to 60,00.

Campinas Bus Station

  • Some Brazilian participants will use ground transportation to get to Campinas. Terminal Multimodal Ramos de Azevedo is the official name of it. Bus tickets can be reserved and purchased by Internet for the main bus companies. You would need to check on the bus station which company serves to a certain destination in particular. The local committee can help you with this matter if you need.

Disabled Facilities

  • If you require disability specific facilities, please notify the secretariat by indicating on your registration form.