Event Shuttle

Daily Transportation

In the period October 25th to 28th there are free shuttle buses leaving Barão Geraldo and heading to the event venue. The schedule and itinerary for each bus are shown below:

                Bus 1             


Bus 2

Hotel Matiz


LNLS – UVX Main Entrance


LNLS – UVX Main Entrance


Event Venue


Event Venue


The return time is according to the event program (see here).

Parking in the Event Venue is free of charge for all the participants!

How to get by bus to Campinas bus station

There is an exit of Terminal 2 (“Wing C” = “ASA C”) in São Paulo International Airport (Cumbica “GRU”), after leaving the terminal, outside of the airport you will see a booth from “VB/Lira” company which you can buy a ticket for the bus to Campinas (see the bus timetable at company website http://www.lirabus.com.br/“Cumbica para Campinas”). The cost of the ticket is around R$ 34,00 (real is the local currency). The bus trip from Sao Paulo airport to Campinas bus station has a duration of 2 (two) hours.

How to go from Campinas bus station to the Hotel Premium Campinas

It’s necessary to use a cab. The cost of it is around R$ 40,00 to 60,00.