Tutorial: Py4Syn and LNLS IOC script

Speaker: Marcio P. Donadio
Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory

Download the guidelines for the tutorial.

Download the presentation slides.

Py4Syn is an open-source Python-based library for data acquisition, device manipulation, scan routines and other helper functions to interact with EPICS IOCs. It offers high customization level for scans and data output, covering distinct techniques and facilities.

The LNLS IOC script is a Linux bash script responsible for starting, stopping and interacting with IOCs in a simple way.

The tutorial will cover:

  1. How to use and configure the LNLS IOC script to easily interact with IOCs, putting them to run in the background as a service.
  2. How to control EPICS motors with Python.
  3. How to create pseudo-motors based on real motors.
  4. How to control EPICS Scalers with Python.
  5. How to do scanning with motors, pseudo-motors, and counters with Py4Syn Python scripts.

Instructions to the tutorial

It is supposed that the participant has at least notions of Linux, Python, and EPICS.

The exercises will be done in a VMware Virtual Machine, that can be downloaded here (VM_Py4Syn.zip): https://filetransfer.cnpem.br/message/YXBfldLoh8hp7dyCn8NbSd. In this same link, please download the guideline, too (GuidelinesForPy4SynTutorial.pdf).

It is important that the participant installs VMware and tests the downloaded Virtual Machine before the tutorial because there will be no time to setup everything during the presentation.

To use the VM:
– Unzip it.
– Open VMware.
– Click on Open Virtual Machine.
– Choose the vmx file from the downloaded package.
– Click on Power On.
– If VMware asks whether you copied or moved the VM, say that you copied it.
– User = guest, password = guest