Paper Submission / Posters


All contributions to PCaPAC 2016 are managed under the JACoW Scientific Program Management System (SPMS). Click here to access the JACoW SPMS for PCaPAC 2016.  

The deadline is Monday, October 24th, 2016 at 8:00 AM Brazilian Standard Time Zone (“Brasilia Time”) [GMT -03:00].

Guidelines to Paper Preparation

All work presented at PCaPAC’16 can be included in the conference proceedings, which will be published at the JACoW website shortly after the conference.

Authors are reminded that no contribution is accepted for publication only. Any paper accepted for either oral or poster presentation that is not presented by one of the authors at the conference will be excluded from the proceedings.

Contributions to the proceedings for invited oral presentations may be up to five pages. Papers for both contributed oral and poster presentations may be up to three pages long. All contributions must be prepared using the appropriate JACoW template.

All guidelines and templates are available at: .

Authors are invited to pay attention to the most common author oversights when writing their paper: .

Moreover, authors are invited to pay special attention to the proper formatting of references:

Authors should also pay special attention on how to submit all of the electronic files (paper, source files and presentation) by following the guidelines presented here:

Length of Contributions

Invited oral presentations may be up to 5 pages (+1 courtesy page) long. Papers for both contributed oral and poster presentations may be up to 3 pages (+1 courtesy page).
The courtesy page is primarily intended to ensure that authors have the opportunity to properly present their references, which should be written in the format indicated in the
new template (Word, Latex, OpenDocument).

Preparing the Posters and Poster Presentation

Two poster sessions  will happen: Wednesday (Oct. 26) and Thursday (Oct. 27).  All posters should be hung on Wednesday morning and removed on Thursday, at the end of poster session.

The poster exhibit hall will be open all workshop long. Presenters are required to be present for the duration of their respective scheduled 2-hour session.

A board will be allocated to each poster. Typically, a poster 120 cm tall x 90 cm wide (around 47 inches x 35 inches) will fit within the space.

Poster presenters may not use audio-visual equipment. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate the space and logistical requirements for such equipment.